PlayStation 5: disponibile il nuovo aggiornamento del software di sistema thumbnail

PlayStation 5: New system software update available

PlayStation 5: new thumbnail system software update available

Sony announced that the new PS5 system software update is now available worldwide. The update includes several highly requested features, such asuscita video HDMI a 1440p not gamelistas well as new ones social functions such as the ability to request screen sharing from another group member. Let’s find out the details.

The new system software update for PS5 is now available

PlayStation 5 aggiornamento tech princess

One of the features that Sony is happy to bring to more PS5 players is the ability to search for content on YouTube across the voice command. From anywhere on the PS5, even during gameplay, you can say “Hey PlayStation, find [parola chiave] on Youtube”. The YouTube application will open and the search results will be shown.

Sony is keen to point out that the Voice Command (Preview) function is currently available in English for PS5 players with accounts registered in the United States is in the United Kingdom.

New features of the PS app

Below are other updates currently available on PS5 which, over the course of the month, will also be gradually introduced on PS App su iOS e Android:

  • Starting a PS Remote Play session through the PS App:
    • PS App users will be able to start a PS Remote Play session directly from the PS App on iOS and Android devices. To get started, make sure that PS App is connected to your PS5 console and that the console is in rest mode. Then, select the “Play with PS Remote Play” icon on a PS App game hub and the PS Remote Play app will automatically start the game. To take advantage of this feature, make sure the PS App and the PS Remote Play App are both installed on the mobile device or tablet.
  • Screen sharing request:
    • Similar to the PS5 feature, PS App users will be able to request another party member playing on PS5’s start a Share Screen session, then watch your friend’s game from the app. This makes it even easier to stay in touch with friends while on the go.
  • Uscita video HDMI 1440p:
    • After testing it in a beta version, the feature is now available to everyone. If the game you are playing supports 1440p rendering, you can experiment 1440p native output on your display. You can check the compatibility of the HDMI device by selecting “Test 1440p Output” in the “Display and Video” options of the system settings.
  • Gamelist:
    • In Game library you can now create game lists, to make organizing your titles even easier. To get started, go to the tab [Collezione] and select [Crea elenco giochi]. Choose the games to add to the gamelist e decide the name to assign to it. You can have up to 15 gamelists and 100 games per gamelist.

For further details you can consult the Blog di PlayStation.

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