iPhone 14, the Apple event live: all the announcements and news

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The long-awaited event has finally arrived: today, 7 September 2022 at 7 pm Italian, Apple will unveil its new ones iPhone 14 at an event at Apple Park in Cupertino. But it certainly won’t be the only novelty that Tim Cook and the rest of the team will present in the Californian morning. We certainly expect to see the Apple Watch 8 Seriesperhaps accompanied by one SE version and from the long-awaited Apple Watch Pro. And then there are rumors of the arrival of Next generation AirPods Pro and some possible news on the tablet front. The arrival of Mac Prowith the most powerful chip Apple Silicon never seen.

The news to be announced are many: and to say that the arrival of the new iPhone series would already be worth the wait. An expectation that the journalists who are living with even greater trepidation taking a seat at the Apple Park in Cupertino for the event. Among which ours could not be missing Fjona Cakalliwhich will follow the event live (as it did with WWDC 2022).

You can live the event with her on Instagram. In addition, Fjona will send us some photos and create unmissable content coming soon. Below the video to see live or delayed all the announcements, of which we will write live.

Apple event on 7 September: not only iPhone 14

Apple Park is the perfect setting for this iPhone 14 launch event, which from all the rumors released in recent months seems a revolutionary device for Apple. Among the novelties that are now given for certain there is goodbye to the iPhone mini, replaced instead by a larger version of the basic version. And then the fact that i Pro models will abandon the notch to point to an oval cut-out on the screen. But we are sure that the news will not stop there: Apple has anticipated this event compared to other years and seems ready to amaze.

Everything is ready for the awaited event, we just need to see Tim Cook take the stage to announce all the news. On which we will update you as they are announced.

It starts with a ride in space, zooming to the rhythm of the music on Earth and finally on Apple Park. We see Tim Cook in the middle of the park which speaks of the joy of innovating with the great Apple engineers. And it already says who the protagonists will be: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

But they will not be alone: ​​the strength of the Apple is integration. Same as for calls handled on iPhone e Apple Watchbut also the multi-device connection between the AirPods.

Apple Watch and the stories of those who use it

Apple Watch is the first of the great protagonists of the event. But Tim Cook doesn’t start from the specs, but from the stories. A short video shows us the letters that several Apple Watch users around the world telling about their experience with the device. And some of them were even rescued by the Apple Watch, which called for help or alerted users of an impending heart problem.

Series 8 arrives

Then Cook introduces Jeff Williams to present the new lineup of the world’s first smartphone, for seven years in a row. And now comes the new watch: Apple Watch Series 8. With an Always-on display and new faces like: Lunar, Astronomy and not only. It is also resistant: to water, dust and falls.

Deidre Caldbeck then explains the smart features, from sleep tracking to the ECG, a perfect tool for health. And the Series 8 proves it even more: a sensor arrives for the body temperature.

But also important is the arrival of advanced features for cycle control, which include ovulation. With the temperature sensor, you can get an idea of ​​when you are ovulating. The sensor measures every 5 seconds, especially during the night. Something that is useful for your health in general but which particularly helps in the case of ovulation. You can even get notifications about cycle deviations on iOS 16 or watchOS 9.

But Apple doesn’t forget privacy: only you will have access to this information.

There is no shortage of security features, already mentioned in the letters addressed to Tim Cook. But a new one comes: Crash Detection. If you get into an accident, Apple Watch Series 8 will alert you to help or contacts dear to you. It uses several sensors to detect accidents, and Apple explains that it has pioneered the algorithm on over a million driving hours.

The battery still reaches 18 hours, but Apple also features Low Power Mode that the extends up to 36 hours. Disable functions such as training detection and Always-On (on Watch 4 and later). Also comes the ability to use the‘international roaming per i modelli cellular (from 5 onwards). In addition, all the news of watchOS 9 announced at WWDC remain confirmed.

Four colors come in 100% recycled aluminum and three for steel, with lots of straps. Also, confirm your partnerships with Nike e Hermesse.

The price? $ 399 and $ 499 for the cellular, starting from September 16.

Apple Watch SE

Affordable price and lots of smart features. The second generation Apple Watch SE brings so many of the features you love to Apple’s smartwatch. In addition to all the features already seen, there is also Crash Detection and the new chip, which makes it 20% faster. Also, you can listen to music with your AirPods.

Also comes Family Setup and many new smart features. It comes at a price of $ 249 and $ 299 for the cellular, arriving on September 16.

The big news of the event: Apple Watch Ultra

Once again, Apple starts with stories. Of explorers and sportsmen who have climbed mountains and crossed oceans. Then we get to the big news, “on which we have been working for years”: Apple Watch Ultra.

Aerospace titanium, sapphire crystal, 49mm diagonal and the brightest screen seen on an Apple Watch (2000 nits). Also comes the Action button and a larger crown for using it with gloves. And a second speaker arrives to hear it at its best.

All will have cellular connectivity and a 36-hour battery, up to 60 hours if you use the optimization system coming this fall. And it has a special Face: WayFinder, designed for those on an adventure. Designed to “push the limits”.

In addition, there is the Alpine, nylon bracelet, the Ocean Band for swimmers and other solutions to adapt to all the most extreme sports.

And then there are the advanced sports features. Like an advanced GPS: L1 + L5, which allows you to move even in cities with skyscrapers and difficult situations. Also watchOS 9 brings cool new features. And with the Action Button, you can enable various features (for example laps in a race).

Withstands temperatures between -20 and 50 Celsius, with new features for the compass to find your way in the ice as in the desert. And Backtrack allows you to return to base camp even if you are lost in the woods. There is also a siren to alert aid 180 meters away.

In addition, the official diving certification arrives: it works well up to 40 meters underwater, even running apps like Oceanic +. Apple Watch becomes the dive computer you’ve always dreamed of: find information and metrics that are easy to read even underwater, with simplified controls.

Finally, the most important question: how much does it cost? $ 799, starting September 23 (although pre-orders start today).