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PlayStation 5 Slim: It exists and is only 2 centimeters thick

A YouTuber has decided to try his hand at making the world’s first PlayStation 5 Slim. And he succeeded! The content creator known on YouTube as DIY Perks, known for videos of him explaining how to make homemade projects, has managed to reduce the size of the PS5 considerably. Its “Slim” model is only 2 centimeters thick, as thick as a DVD case. The model, of course, is an unofficial version and not recognized by Sony.

Here is the “PlayStation 5 Slim” made by DIY Perks

In its video, which lasts about 30 minutes, DIY Perks shows all the steps to make the mammoth new-gen console from Sony into a mini version.

Those who want to see the final result can skip until 26:00 of the video, in which you can see how the MiniMe version of the PlayStation 5 is actually working. The YouTuber tests it by starting Horizon Forbidden West, and shows us how the shrinkage did not affect the internal temperature of the console.

Since the official release of the PlayStation 5 in 2020, Sony has never announced a new model of the popular and nowhere to be found console. Even today, the company has never leaked any clues regarding a hypothetical “Slim” version of the PS5. On the contrary, however, numerous remakes of hugely popular franchises have been announced that will be available for the new console. Sony’s efforts also seem to be focused on the mammoth new PlayStation Plus rebranding project.

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