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Renault emissions europe leads the ranking as the greenest

JATO, the company that provides information and analysis relating to the automotive sector, has published its latest report on the progress of this sector in 2021. And, in terms of polluting emissions in Europe, among the brands Renault stands out as the “greenest” manufacturer .

The average emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the European Union last year were 99 g / km, up from 117.7 g / km in 2020. And this despite 45% of sales coming from SUVs, the segment with the highest average emissions (107.9 g / km) in terms of weight and dimensions.

To tell the truth, the new SUVs have reduced their emissions to a greater extent than the rest thanks to the increase in the offer of electrified SUVs; so long as 35 of the 85 electric models sold in Europe last year were SUVs.

The report also highlights that significant differences still exist between EU countries, although progress has been made in all of them. Average emissions fell between 5% for Slovenia and 49% for Norway which continued to lead in terms of average emissions and market share of pure electric cars.

In 2021, the average CO₂ emissions from new cars registered in Norway were just 16.9 g / km, the best result in Europe. This is due to the popularity of low-emission vehicles, with nearly two out of three passenger cars registered in 2021 purely electric or PHEV, an astounding 85% .

Italy, for its part, it has nothing to boast about, as it has reduced emissions by only 9%, resulting in one of the worst countries of the Old Continent. The EU country with the highest number of emissions is Slovenia (127.6 g / km).

Renault leads the race to reduce emissions in Europe

The JATO report also analyzes the evolution of the 25 brands with the highest sales volume in the European Union. Logically, Tesla is the manufacturer that generates the fewest emissions (0 g / km) as it is the only one with an all-electric range.

But, ignoring the American house, the one that is doing the best job so far is the Renault, which with an average of 86.7 g / km in 2021 leads the European ranking. The French company also reduces its average compared to 2020, when it was 98 g / km.

Renault followed from Hyundai (89.8), MINI (90.1), KIA (91.9), FIAT (92.8), Volkswagen (96.3) and Peugeot (97.9), the only ones already below the 100 g / km barrier. A milestone that only Tesla and Renault had reached in 2020.

According to JATO data, at the opposite extreme we find Land Rover (169.3), Porsche (123.7) e Jeep (122.8)which still have a long way to go to adapt their model range to the requirements of the European Union.

It is worth noting that when theEuro 7 will come into force in 2025, the current maximum limit of 95 g / km of average CO₂ emissions will fall well below 50% of that figure. So we are talking about less than 40 g / km g / km.

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