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PlayStation 5: The new model is no less powerful, here’s why

At the end of August a dispute arose on the new model of PlayStation 5 introduced by Sony in some selected markets, given that according to many it would be a less performing version of the new flagship of the Japanese giant. However, according to the findings of Digital Foundry and Gamers Nexus, there would be no difference in the performance of either model.

PlayStation 5: the new model is no less powerful than the previous one

The quick response to the controversy over the new PlayStation 5 model seems to be very simple, according to the guys from Digital Foundry and Gamers Nexus: nThere is no relevant difference between the two console models that Sony has placed on the market over the months. However, some differences do not seem to be missing, if we talk about the heat dissipation system of the two machines.

In fact, in the new version, Sony has opted for a new thermal assembly, optimizing the position of the motherboard and the base plate. The result of these changes is that some components cool better while others get hotter. That said, there would be no evidence that these changes present any objective issues, assuming you have placed the PS5 in a well-ventilated area.

PlayStation 5 new model

Tests also showed that once Sony’s latest firmware was installed, there was no difference in performance between the new and old model. While both consoles get hotter, no drop in performance has been reported, as it would happen with a PC GPU. However, should they reach a critical temperature such as to endanger the mechanical components, both will automatically shut down to prevent damage, just like PS4.

“To answer the fundamental question, which is whether the new PS5 is better or worse than the previous one, it can be safely said that, in terms of user experience, they are two mostly identical consoles,” explained the editorial staff of Digital Foundry.

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