XPG GRIT: a new software for gamer performance

XPG has recently completed and released GRIT, the new site with software to improve the performance of gamers. Let’s find out together

Undoubtedly each of us has video games in which he excels and others instead in which he struggles to struggle, especially when it comes to multiplayer. Not everyone is able to play at competitive levels, either because maybe that game doesn’t suit your style, but also because maybe we don’t understand the systematic error and our weaknesses. Emulate a champion who has his own style it will not always allow us to progress and reach a higher level.

Here then is that XPG created GRIT, acronym for Game Reaction Intensity Training, a software with a series of training rooms that concentrate about helping gamers improve their in-game performance. In short, a kind of school in which we can learn many tricks to improve our skills more and more. But let’s go in order and shed some light on this new software and its site.

XPG GRIT: a new software for gamer performance

Let’s discover XPG GRIT

Through the use of artificial intelligence, GRIT can monitor user performance over time and identify specific weaknesses. Using this information, the software will recommend specific exercises to help users improve their skills, essentially acting as a digital Esports coach. In short, a digital mentor who will surely be able to help us, and not a little, to improve our overall vision.

However GRIT is currently limited to exercises for FPS games only, but XPG is working on expanding the scope to additional genres in the near future. Very soon, therefore, we will be able to have clarifications not only on shooter games, such as Battlefield 2042 which has been postponed, but also other games such as NBA 2K22. Although the training software is not yet active, the company is currently collecting signups from the public to participate in the closed beta.

Users can then register on the official XPG GRIT webpage for the chance to be part of the development process. However, this is not all. This platform also contains the blog that features 3 new publications every week by the company itself. The posts will cover any topic related to games, such as hardware product reviews, game reviews, and helpful guides. However, we invite you to stay on the pages of techgameworld.com so you don’t miss any news, reviews or guides regarding the hardware, software and videogame universe!

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