PlayStation: 5 tips for a hassle-free gaming experience

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Here are some helpful tips on how to adjust settings on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for the whole family and improve their gaming experience.

PlayStation: advice on the settings to be adopted

Optimize your console experience to maximize your enjoyment? If you are looking for advice on how to do this, then you are in the right place. Also because these suggestions come directly from the SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) team. They are the ones who have revealed 5 tips to better manage your online experience with PlayStation.

1. Familiarize yourself with the rules.

With PlayStation, SIE wants to ensure a welcoming and respectful experience for all players. You can find more information on the PlayStation Network’s Code of Conduct policies and PlayStation Network’s stance against hate speech on the dedicated website. For SIE, it is essential that PlayStation Network (PSN) is the best place to play, and to do so, all users must respect the rights of others. When creating an account (including a child account), all users agree to follow the rules set out in the Code of Conduct. There is zero tolerance when it comes to hate speech: there are no exceptions for the use of bad language and insults. Precisely for this reason, the moderation teams examine each case reported on the PlayStation platforms.

2. Adjust your settings to control who you want to interact with.

When it comes to taking control of your online experience, there are two main features available:

Blocking: If communication with a player becomes inappropriate, this feature provides the the possibility from interrupt it immediately or to prevent it from the start. When a player is blocked, it is no longer possible to receive friend requests, messages or invitations. Blocked players cannot view their profile, posts or personal information. They also cannot add to parties, watch any broadcast content or game screens during Share Screen mode.

Of course, you can go back: the player is in full control of their experience!

Privacy settings: with this function, it is possible limit your visibility to other users on PSN. You can customize the following features:

  • Game & Multimedia Content: in which to choose who can see the shared media and recent activities.
  • Friends and Connections: where you can check who can send friend requests, follow their account and see connections.
  • Personal Information and Messaging: in which to choose who to show the real name and who to communicate with.

PlayStation 5 users have access to four preset privacy profiles. Here are which ones:

  • Open social: this indicates that the user is open to all requests and messages. Any player can see the profile information.
  • Team player: with this setting any player can see most of their profile information, but they must at least be friends with a friend to chat.
  • Focus on friends: this profile offers a little more privacy: only friends can see information and chat.
  • Soloist: the most private profile option. No player can see their profile information or start a chat, even if they have been added as a friend.

3. Tips for PlayStation users: Take advantage of the Parental Control function as a Family Manager.

Both PS4 and PS5 offer Parental Control for help parents feel safe and in control ofplaying experience of their children. The parental controls, set by the family manager, will override any privacy settings selected by a child account. The options allow parents, for example, to set spending limits, adjust time settings, limit communication, block entertainment based on age group, accept or decline the Ask to Play option. Younger players can enjoy their great PlayStation adventure, but parents can create the ideal place to make sure it is suitable for the needs of the children.

4. Know how and when to report

If something unpleasant happens despite the game environment control settings, players can report inappropriate behavior. When considering this option, the following points should be remembered:

  • It is important to report someone as soon as something happens.
  • Report the player via console or mobile device to the PlayStation Safety Team.
  • You can report various inappropriate behaviors, including in-game behavior, elements created or shared within a game, something created or shared outside of a game, or something in a user’s profile.
  • There are several opportunities to block players during a report.
  • If the PlayStation Security Team determines that something is offensive, they will take action, for example by removing the content, restricting a user’s account or suspending the player.
  • Reporting someone multiple times does not automatically apply a temporary suspension or a permanent suspension. Submitting multiple false reports may result in restrictions on the account submitting such reports.

5. Find the next gaming adventure

PlayStation consoles provide many options that allow you to choose the settings that work best for the individual user or the whole family. At this point, just one last consideration: which games to play? Finding a video game to play can sometimes be a difficult task, especially as a parent. But there are great platforms, such as the Family Video Game Database, that provide further insights.