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PlayStation 5, you can buy it directly from the Sony Italy store

It’s official: the PlayStation 5 can be purchased directly from Sony Italy store, i.e. its original supplier. This move has led to the opening of the channel by the company, so as to make Italy one of the countries from which it is possible to buy the most desired and sought-after console in recent years.

PlayStation 5 on the Sony Italia store: what else you can buy

The ability to purchase the console PlayStation 5 give it Sony Italy store allows you to buy it online, without having to go to retailers or shops. Here’s what else you can buy, in addition to the PS5: PlayStation Vr2 headset for virtual reality, DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers, colored side covers, chargers, remote controls, webcams and much more. Program subscribers PlayStation Plus will be able to benefit from free delivery, otherwise the minimum limit will be on orders of at least 39 euros.

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The price of the PlayStation 5 on the Sony Italia store

There are two prices related to the purchase of the PlayStation 5 from the Sony Italia store. There Ps5 digital version at 449.99 euros or standard at 549.99 euros or in a bundle with two controller at 509.99 and 609.99 euros respectively, while the package with the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II game at a price of 599.99 euros is currently already sold out.

If you want to buy the accessories, there is the advanced DualSense Edge wireless controller for 239.99 euros or in the standard version for 69.99 euros with different colors available. It is also possible to customize the console with side covers in various shades for 54.99 euros or to focus on Pulse 3D headphones for 99.99 euros.

The games in the store

The choice of games is really very large. First there is the bestseller God of War: Ragnarok at 79.99 euros. As already mentioned, shipping is free given that it is over 39 euros, while there is no limit for PS Plus subscribers and there is a free return within 30 days.

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