Ha ancora senso parlare di e-bike per le donne? Tra trovate pubblicitarie infelici, ecco tutti i falsi miti thumbnail

Does it make sense to talk about e-bikes for women? False myths and advertising

The market insists, but still has makes sense to talk about e-bikes for women? Let’s rewind the tape history linked to bicycle and at donne. We are at the end of nineteenth century and through the bicycle women conquer an unprecedented freedom of movement. Above all, this is half a symbol of the beginning of theirs emancipationafter starting to wear i pants.

On July 25, 1891, the correspondent of the Chicago Tribune wrote in a short article: “I once thought that the worst thing a woman could do was donna era to smoke, but now I’ve changed my mind. Worst thing I’ve seen in my life is a woman riding a bicycle“. Not only that, we add that the first bicycles were used by women of the upper class. For many of them it was the means to escape from the home.

Here are the first donne in bicycle they dart through the cityunder the eyes of all and the manuals of the time in terms of behavior, well explain that the last thing a lady on the street had to do was show off. Moving quickly was a sign of bad manners, as was speaking loudly or keep your arms away from your body.

"The cycle chalet in the Bois de Boulogne".  Oil by Jean Béraut circa 1900
“The cycle chalet in the Bois de Boulogne”. Oil by Jean Béraut circa 1900

The bicycle breaks the mold in the female world

Now, on the one hand we have the donne who ride one bikes and on the other all that series of rules which over time begin to crumble. In short, women, always relegated to the domestic hearth, finally rebel. As women began to take up cycling, they were also victims of harassment, social stigma and even violence. In this regard, we point out the Londoner Emma Eadesone of the first women to cycle in London.

Emma Eades it was one of prime donne in Britain to ride a bicycle, but she was subjected to ridicule and abuse, with some spectators calling her they even threw bricksthe. We don’t know anything else about Emma, ​​many photos of the time were burned and lost for fear of disclosure. As well as the numerous testimonies of the time.

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Not only that, doctors of the nineteenth century they warned that the cycling was dangerous to women’s health. Riding a bicycle could give women a hunched back, tired face, and masculine features, ruining their chances of finding a husband.

Fortunately, women like Emma Eades knew that the benefits of fresh air and exercise brought by cycling would soon be recognized and the myth of the bicycle face debunked.

Emma Eades, foto repertorio cycling LondonEmma Eades, foto repertorio cycling London

In short, riding a bicycle, at the time could even imply sterility e disturbances nervous. Beyond prejudices, the donne they also struggle with the garments to wear for go in bikes. How did they fix it? Simple wearing gods bloomer (ed. very wide pants). Rightly so this time unleashing the clergy and all the priests who devoted entire sermons to underline the sinful aspect of the garment.

French female teachers were forbidden to wear them to school and aristocracy Lady Harberton he was prevented from entering a cafe in Bloomers where he wanted to have a drink before getting back on his bike. The battle for trousers was lost, but in the meantime women had made great progress on the arduous path of emancipation.

Does it still make sense to talk about e-bikes for women?  Between unfortunate publicity stunts, all the false myths, source PixabayDoes it still make sense to talk about e-bikes for women? Between unfortunate publicity stunts, all the false myths, source Pixabay

From bicycle to e-bike for women, does it make sense to talk about simplifying the vehicle?

Always the chassis from the bicycle and donna it’s different than that of man only for the canna: it is low. It was born with this shape for the practicality of being able to wear the gonna and to access or descend from sella with agility.

For over a century nobody complainedindeed, the women love cycling so much so that in the city, where traffic is congested, they feel much safer and faster on the saddle of a bike.

About thirty years ago, the prima bicycle from the ride assisted. It didn’t have the success that the manufacturer expected, but a few years later, thanks to the pandemic and the need for ‘individual mobility’, it has returned to the market. Not only has it invaded it, with a series of models and components that are starting to compete with all those new means of ‘alternative mobility’.

Where do we want to go? Well, basically ae-bike it is a bike equipped with thruster, drums e screen to be connected to the smartphone if necessary, to have an eye on all the parameters.

We all agree, the more advanced the components and technology are, the greater the comfort that the cyclist will get on the routes he chooses. Now from here, to say that e-bikes for women are simpler to use goes a long way. Yet there are companies that with ad hoc claims try to catch and sell models created for women by discriminating against them.

Above all, thee-bike was born per assist, to ease e make universal rides comfortable without age distinction e type. What’s more, they are designed and produced with increasingly intuitive controls, just to be within everyone’s reach.

That’s when we see or hear that electric bicycles debut or are launched on the market, for women who have simplified functions, it is not only the case to beware of falling into the trap. But it’s a sad marketing gimmick.

Again, the electric bicycle is experiencing a historic moment e d’business gold of numerous companies and just wants to prove his versatility. Yes this could be a correct reading key. Where versatility means many elements. Starting with use for each muscle categorythere is the electrified sister (note of the editor: some are still missing and the brands are gearing up).

So there are bikes for the city the e-city bikefor off-road vehiclese-mtbfor daring routes and semi-competition thee-trail e e-crossfor the racee-gravel.

Above all, the peculiarity of muscle and electric bicycles is that they were born free from any genre.

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