PlayStation 6 release date?  Not before 2027

PlayStation 6 release date? Not before 2027

It’s been just two years since the release of PlayStation 5, but fans of Sony consoles love to look to the future. Bad news though: an official Sony document reveals that the release of the next PlayStation 6 will not take place before 2027.

The document – reports Slashgear – concerns Sony’s uncertainty about the future of Call of Duty. As we well know the development house of the franchise, Activision-Blizzardwas purchased by Microsoftproducer of Xbox, the main competitor of Sony’s PlayStation. How is the release of the next PlayStation related to Call of Duty? It is soon said.

As mentioned, Sony fears losing the publishing rights for COD games on PlayStation, however the contract with Activision-Blizzard provides that the company will continue to produce its games on PS consoles as well. The contract in question will expire in 2027. According to Slashgear, the end of the partnership could lead Sony to launch the new generation of consoles, so as to remedy the possible loss of the franchise’s games. In short, a sort of war of spies, but in a game console version.

PlayStation 6: the release 7 years later? Does this make sense

Wanting to analyze the history of consoles, we note that the 7-year time interval between one generation and another is increasingly a standard. PlayStation 5 came out in 2020 and if PS6 were to come out in 2027, this convention would be respected.

Xbox 360 it was in fact released in 2005, and the next Xbox One came in 2013, followed by Xbox Series X|S in 2020. Same goes for PlayStation: PS3 came in 2006, PS4 in 2013 and PS5 in 2020. Seven years split.

In this guise of hypothesis, however, several factors must be taken into consideration. First of all PS5 had a troubled launch, also and above all because of the semiconductor crisis. New generation consoles have been practically for a long time untraceable on the market and, even today, buying one is not exactly easy. For these reasons, fans are hoping for a longer time frame before the release of PlayStation 6.

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