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TEAMGROUP: Announced the first T-Force x InWin 216 case

TEAMGROUP Announces First Case T-FORCE x InWin 216, Joining Forces to Offer an Amazing Case to Gamers

One of the leading suppliers of memory products and mobile applications for the consumer market. Team Group Inc. (here for more info) is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All TEAMGROUP memory module products come with a lifetime warranty and repair and replacement services. In the last few hours, the company presented the new T-FORCE x InWin case, born from the collaboration between TEAMGROUP and InWin.

Details on the new TEAMGROUP T-FORCE x InWin 216 case

TEAMGROUP’s gaming sub-brand, T-FORCE, and InWin have joined forces to launch their first 216 computer case. This features a large tempered glass surface that offers an excellent side view of the internal system and dazzling RGB configurations. Combined with T-FORCE’s signature design elements, its sleek lines perfectly showcase the style and elegance of the two brands’ minimalist designs. The optimized internal space supports the installation of a wide range of high-end hardware. It also promotes top-notch cooling performance, making it the PC case of choice for gamers.

TEAMGROUP: Announced the first T-Force x InWin 216 case

Pay attention to all the details

The T-FORCE x InWin 216 case was designed with every detail in mind. With sleek lines that capture the latest trends in playing style and a front panel that incorporates T-FORCE’s unique design elements. Fusing the spirit of the two brands with innovative thinking, the 216 case demonstrates T-FORCE and InWin’s dedication to meeting the needs of gamers. Supports E-ATX (12″ x 13″) motherboards and high-end system installations and offers users ample room for expansion by featuring multiple slots for 3.5″/2.5″ storage devices. Additionally, InWin 216 supports both vertical and horizontal GPU placement. Users can choose the placement they prefer and expose their GPU in the most elegant way possible.

Design and equipment

The T-FORCE x InWin 216 case can be equipped with up to six fans, mounted on the front, back or top of the chassis. The sleek, unobstructed airflow design helps remove excess heat from inside the case, providing superlative cooling performance. The carefully optimized internal space supports the installation of various high-end hardware. With top-notch cooling performance and excellent compatibility, the T-FORCE x InWin 216 case is a top-notch choice for any gamer.

TEAMGROUP: Announced the first T-Force x InWin 216 case

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