PlayStation forms a team for the preservation of historic games

Cinque videogiochi storici che meriterebbero un sequel o un reboot thumbnail

Sony has announced the creation of a team to “ensure that the history of our industry is not forgotten”. A sort of team for the preservation of historical games, the ones that for years have made players dream on PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2. Probably the initiative has to do with the rebranding of PlayStation Plus, which aims to bring back to life on consoles the iconic video games for PS1, PS2 and PSP are modern.

PlayStation wants to preserve historical games and bring them to new gen

Yesterday (April 25), a senior PlayStation engineer named Garrett Fredley posted the following post on LinkedIn: “Today is my first day as a senior construction engineer for PlayStation, one of their first hires for the newly created conservation team. ! “. The post was later deleted from LinkedIn, but not Twitter.

On LinkedIn the post continued with this message: “Come on and make sure the history of our industry is not forgotten.” Fredley also thanked Mike Bishop, PlayStation’s head of global quality control (QA), for putting him on the team.

While nothing is confirmed, Bishop’s role in quality control suggests Sony may be working on rendering older games for new consoles. All while respecting the quality standards of the company. Not a small aspect, as we have seen with Nintendo titles such as Ocarina Of The Time and Mario Kart 64. Both historical games have landed on Switch with various visual and performance bugs.

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