PlayStation: Game Pass rival is approaching, collect PS Now cards

A new rumor reveals how a rival for Game Pass could arrive on PlayStation, after Sony has decided to withdraw PSNow cards from physical stores

Xbox Game Pass is a success now widely recognized by the entire gaming audience; the strategy created by Phil Spencer in recent years has flawlessly centered your goal, and a large number of PC and Xbox gamers are now enjoying this convenient service, which now boasts an impressive number of free titles. Meanwhile, PlayStation continues to take advantage of the PS Plus and PS Now subscription, and while interesting titles are sometimes offered, there are not a few users who complain about a lack of incentives when registering.

However, at the beginning of December a more than intriguing report appeared on Bloomberg regarding the future actions that Sony could take towards the services offered by its console. In fact, it seems that it is working on a new feature to be included on PlayStation, able to act as a rival against the Game Pass. Now, a further rumor goes to reconfirm this initiative, also expanding on new measures in place by the gaming house.

PlayStation’s rival of Game Pass may be imminent

Through the Bloomberg report, the code name of this service, “Spartacus”, was discovered and would lead players on PlayStation to pay a monthly fee to access a game catalog both old and new. Further fueling these rumors is recent news, reporting how Sony is telling retail stores in the UK to remove PlayStation Now cards by January 21st. Sony’s request can be read in a message sent to an English retailer, explaining how all stores have until closing on Wednesday 19 January to remove all cards from customer-facing areas. In addition, it appears that this has already happened in stores in the United States and Canada.

PlayStation: Game Pass rival is approaching, collect PS Now cards

Therefore, starting from that day, English players will no longer be able to subscribe to PS Now, which is useful for playing the best-known video games offered by the brand in cloud-streaming. This move by Sony could then mean another step towards what will be the new service much rumored: it is believed that it will unite Ps Plus and PSNow, and that will be launched in spring 2022. It will allow access to three tiers, consisting of existing PS Plus benefits, a large catalog of PS4 and PS5 games, extended demos, game streaming and a library of classic titles from previous consoles, including the PSP. Meanwhile, the company appears to be aggressively investing in cloud-gaming as well.

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