PlayStation is getting closer to the PC world: here is the Overlay

Sony PlayStation recently revealed the new Overlay function that its PC games will have starting from Ghost of Tsushima: what is it and how does it work? Let's find out together, in this dedicated article

There is no doubt that Sony is trying to make timid steps towards the PC world with its exclusives. For many years now, at increasingly shorter intervals compared to their release on home consoles, almost all PlayStation games have also arrived on PC. The Last of Us Part I, Horizon Forbidden West and, in May, also the highly acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima. All single-player titles of great depth that have gone from being “exclusive” in the true sense of the term, to wanting to approach a broader audience that is passionate about technicalities: that of the PC. And just today Sony revealed a new feature that will appeal to all gamers: the Overlay.

What is the PlayStation Overlay and how does it work?

The new interface will bring more PlayStation elements to PC and will be implemented starting with Ghost of Tsushima on May 16th. The Overlay function will allow you to view the friends list, trophies, settings and your PlayStation Network profile on your PC. To open it, simply press the shortcut Shift + F1 on the keyboard or access directly via the game menu. The PlayStation Overlay is completely optional for the gaming experience, both in single player and online modes.

Taking Ghost of Tsushima for example, you can earn trophies by playing the title exactly as if you were doing it on PlayStation 5. The two versions share the same trophy list and, at the same time, you can also unlock Steam or Epic Games Store achievements, because they are also supported by the PC version. We take it for granted that this function will also be implemented for subsequent PC ports of PlayStation exclusives, but it is not yet clear whether previously released ones will add it retroactively.

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