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PlayStation Plus: that’s when the new service will arrive in Europe

After the announcement that had made the eyes of Sony console lovers shine, today comes the official date of the debut of the new PlayStation Plus in Europe. In fact, the service is renewed – not to mention revolutionizing – with the introduction of three different levels of subscription, for a total catalog of over 740 games, in download and cloud gaming. Optimizations of titles originally released for PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSP are also expected.

We will also have to wait less than expected, given that the official blog shared the roadmap just a little while ago. The launch of the new service will start in Asia on 23 May 2022. The American (13 June) and European (22 June) markets will then follow.

What does the new PlayStation Plus provide? The three levels of membership

The new service will include three different levels of subscription, with different costs, called Essential, Extra and Premium. Here are the differences.

PlayStation Plus Essential:

  • The same benefits currently available to subscribers (2 games per month, discounts, storage, access to online multiplayer)
  • Price: € 8.99 monthly subscription | € 24.99 quarterly | € 59.99 annually

PlayStation Plus Extra:

  • All the benefits of Essential + a catalog that includes up to 400 games for PS4 and PS5. Extra level games can be downloaded to play.
  • Price: € 13.99 monthly subscription | € 39.99 quarterly | € 99.99 annually

PlayStation Plus Premium:

  • All the benefits of Extra + 340 additional games (for a total of 740 titles in both streaming and download). These also include video games for PS3 and classics originally released on PlayStation, PS2 and PSP. There are also trial versions of limited-time games.
  • Price: € 16.99 monthly pass | € 49.99 quarterly | € 119.99 annually

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