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Interview with Tony Tubo, creator and founder of an eSports team

We had the pleasure of speaking with Tony Tubo, well-known Italian creator and founder of an eSports team, and from our chat a very interesting interview was born

We recently got to talk a bit with Tony Tubo, a well-known content creator Italian. Tony is a figure who has been very present on the major social platforms for many years and, moreover, during his career he has also worked on a large number of parallel projects. From our chat with Tony Tubo was born a very interesting interview and in this article you can find it in full.

A long career

Before moving on to the interview we want to talk briefly about Tony Tubo, in order to allow even readers who do not know him to understand well what he deals with. Antonio Mercogliano, known on the web as Tony Tubo, is a creator from Campania who has been in business for over 7 years now. His career was born on YouTubewhere he enjoyed posting videos dedicated to games such as FIFA, Call of Duty and GTA, but over the years he has also explored other social platforms and devoted himself to creating very different contents. Tony, however, has not limited himself only to the world of social media, but has also launched himself into the scene eSports. In fact, in 2018 he founded the Team Esport Revolutionan export team that is now well known among those who hang out in this environment.

Interview with Tony Tubo, creator and founder of an eSports team

It has now been more than seven years since Tony Tubo debuted on the web. After all this time, do you continue to have the same passion as when you started or do you start to feel the weight of the years a little?

Surely the years spent on the web are making themselves felt, the experiences made are many and as a person I feel matured compared to when I started my journey. But the passion is always the same, I enjoy playing and talking with my community like from day one.

FIFA has certainly played a very important role in the growth of your YouTube channel. What do you currently think of the state of the game? Are there any improvements you would like to see in future chapters?

Here you touch a sore point, Fifa is the game I love and hate at the same time, I love football and consequently a video game that simulates football cannot fail to fascinate me, but Fifa year after year always manages to give the worst of itself . Especially with the Ultimate Team mode, there are many things I would recommend to EA to improve the title but trust me I would start a list that would make this interview a dedicated article.

Besides being a content creator you are also the founder of Team Revolution. What prompted you to create your esports team?

My love for the esports sector was born in 2006 when I start with a group of friends to compete in various online tournaments of Call of Duty 2 and singles on Fifa. In 2009 I managed to place myself second to the Italian cyber gaming Worlds, receiving the title of “Italian Vice Champion” on Fifa 09. From then on I participated in many Lan and Online Esport events, so having experienced this world firsthand I decide years later to help emerging players make their way onto the Italian scene and founded Team Esport Revolution in 2018.

Interview with Tony Tubo, creator and founder of an eSports team

What do you think of the current state of the esports world here in Italy?

Surely for me, who have experienced the evolution of the sector firsthand, I think I can say that in Italy the sector is growing well, of course we are always far from Korean and US standards, but slowly we Italian teams are also having our say. In short, let’s catch up!

Juggling your social profiles and managing Team Revolution must certainly be very tiring. Have you ever had a hard time making these two aspects of your life coexist?

No, because fortunately for me my audience experiences the adventures of Revolution firsthand as if they were an extension of the Tony Tubo channel. My entire audience knows that my partner Diego Trinchillo and I are behind the project, even if the family has recently expanded with the entry into the company of our Team Manager Michele Santoro, who follows us step by step in all projects we are going to present.

What are your plans for the future?

There are many projects, now I am facing the challenge of changing the contents on my social networks, I had focused too much on Fifa and the results of the last few months did not fall within my standards, so I started reinventing myself with contents more devoted to entertainment and less to video games.

Interview with Tony Tubo, creator and founder of an eSports team

Many thanks to Tony for his availability!

This concludes the article dedicated to our interview. If you want to learn more about Tony Tubo, we invite you to follow his main social profilessuch as his YouTube channel, Twitch channel, and of course Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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