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PlayStation: Project Spartacus could soon be announced

Jason Schreier wrote on Bloomberg how an announcement regarding the PlayStation pass, called Project Spartacus, would be coming in the coming days

In recent months, numerous rumors have followed one another regarding Sony’s plans and the arrival of a possible service that, in some way, could be compared with the beloved Game Pass from Microsoft. Obviously, the Japanese company knows very well that it does not have the same firepower as the important American company, but that does not remove the need to somehow revolutionize the PlayStation Plus and the streaming of PlayStation Now, which are now sold separately. and they turn out for quite a number of reasons inconvenient in the eyes of users. In recent weeks, rumors had already arisen about the structure that this new subscription service would have, dividing into “classes” with distinct prices, each with their own advantages and characteristics. On Blomberg, well-known journalist and insider Jason Schreier wanted to say about him on Project Spartacus, revealing it as an announcement from PlayStation is imminent.

When will PlayStation announce Project Spartacus

According to the latest rumors, the PlayStation pass, for now known as Project Spartacus but which could soon receive a different official name, will receive its announcement. in the next days. The scoop in question was carried out by Jason Schreier, who had already made some hints on this topic and captured the interest of many users at the end of last year. From what is known so far, the purpose of Spartacus will be to combine the two services already in use by users of Sony consoles, that is PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, and will present three different “levels” or “classes” of subscription, each with their respective focuses and advantages, among which it is thought that there is also backward compatibility. In the past month it was reported how they would be named Essential, Extra and Premium, with prices that would split from 10 to 16 dollars.

According to Schreier, the first Spartacus tier will be practically equal to the PlayStation Plus, which is required to play online and to receive some free games every month. The second would instead be more smileys at the Game Pass, offering a catalog of 300 games freely accessible by users. Finally speaking of the third level, it will allow players to try PS1, PS2, PS3 and even PSP gamesalong with demo versions and the ability to play in cloud streaming. It should be added, however, that Spartacus will not release first-party titles on day one on its platform. The existence of this new PlayStation service is now practically an established fact, and it is a matter of a few hours before it is definitively revealed in the eyes of users: Schreier claims that during this week it will be officially presented, and considering how he is a rather reliable source within the industry, so we just have to wait for the moment when this happens.

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