Playstation Showcase: Alan Wake remastered with release date revealed

There are many titles shown during the Playstation Showcase, and among all the titles that we could see, as had already been rumored in recent days, there was also space for the remastered of Alan Wake: the release date was also announced , so we can say that there will be a short wait to get your hands on the game

As had already been rumored (but also denied) in recent days, it seems that a version remastered from Alan Wake was shown during the conference on Playstation Showcase organized by Sony (of which you can see the direct here). For the uninitiated, Alan Wake is a game of thriller adventure which thrilled so many players when it originally came out In 2010. Now the fans will be satisfied, because the exit of this remastered is expected soon. We see below the details and the release date, visible in the trailer published on the official Playstation channel.

Playstation Showcase: details on the remastered of Alan Wake

In the trailer shown during the conference, we could see various scenes from the original game that made all fans of the title thrill. We will then be able to relive the adventures of writer in crisis Alan Wake and his wife Alice a Bright Falls on all major platforms. Not only Xbox players will be able to enjoy this psychological thriller again, but gamers as well Playstation they will be able to try this experience for the first time in their life.

The release date of this remastered is scheduled for the next October 5th. While waiting for the official release, to stay updated on the remastered by Alan Wake, on the Playstation Showcase and on all the most important news concerning the videogame world, we just have to invite you to stay tuned on the pages. If, on the other hand, you prefer to buy game keys at very discounted prices, you can do so through our link to Instant Gaming.

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