PlayStation Showcase: the event live!

Here we are, we are ready to follow together, live, the PlayStation Showcase of this September 2021. What awaits us? Let’s find out together with the official player

This also PlayStation Showcase September 2021 is upon us and we are ready to follow together, with the official live video, the whole event. Followed by in-depth articles on what is shown and full coverage of all the titles presented and of which there will be updates. In the meantime, however, it is time for forecasts, speculations and, why not, a bit of healthy fantasy and imagination on what will be the main themes of this Showcase.

PlayStation Showcase: the official live video!

Before moving on to Official live video of this PlayStation Showcase let’s try to let our imagination travel a bit – pushed by that irrepressible force called hype – on what will be the main games and themes covered during the event. Will we have any news related to God of War? Or more updates on the long-awaited Horizon: Forbidden West? And again, will the rumors related to the potential announcement of a new title linked to the InFAMOUS universe be confirmed? To find out we just have to follow together the conference:

Once the conference is over, we invite you to let us know, via a comment in the dedicated section below, your opinion on what this PlayStation Showcas wasAnd. Were you satisfied? Did you expect something more? What is the title that has struck you positively and which, instead, negatively? You can answer all these questions. In the meantime, we invite you to stay tuned on the pages to have constant updates on the news coming from the videludic world and beyond.

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