PlayStation Showcase: the most interesting announcements of the conference

PlayStation Showcase: gli annunci più interessanti da Gran Turismo 7 a God of War Ragnarok thumbnail

After a few months of blackout, Sony is back in the spotlight with the PlayStation Showcase, which took place on Thursday 9 September and was full of thick announcements. From Gran Turismo 7 as far as God of War Ragnarok there are many games that have shown themselves in a new way and we at Tech Princess are ready to give you an account of the most interesting ones and that we are most waiting for.

PlayStation Showcase: the hottest announcements from Gran Turismo 7 to God of War Ragnarok

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic Remake

The first announcement that left everyone speechless was the one related to remake di Knight of the Old Republic. The project was born from a collaboration between LucasFilm Games and the development studio Aspyr and will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5. The game had already been the subject of a leak, but now we finally have confirmation of its existence.

The trailer shown on the occasion of the showcase does not show any gameplay details of the work, but merely gives us a general idea of ​​the great restoration work carried out by the development team. We remind you in this regard that the original title came out in 2003 and is still considered almost unanimously today as one of the best video games related to the Star Wars franchise.


Forspoken is a fantasy action video game currently in development at Square Enix studios. Formerly known as Project Athia, the title showed up again at the PlayStation Showcase in a long gameplay trailer that even revealed its launch window, for now set to spring 2022 on PC and PS5. Definitely much earlier than expected.

The video, in addition to giving us an idea of ​​how the gameplay of Forspoken will be structured, allows us to immerse ourselves in the initial stages of the story. In fact, the protagonist of this adventure will be Frey Holland, mysteriously transported from New York to the mysterious land of Athia. Here she will have to find a way to return home, accompanied by a sentient bracelet that will grant her many magical abilities.

Ghostwire Tokyo

To show himself again during the PlayStation Showcase was Ghostwire Tokyo, the new title of Shinji Mikami and his Tango Gameworks. It had been a long time since news about the project had been shared, but again the release date is missing, which most likely has been postponed to 2022 (before the title was expected to arrive this year).

Anyway the video shows the version in action PS5 of the title and allowed us to tour the terrifying version of Tokyo born from Mikami’s mind. What we see in the trailer is in fact an almost completely deserted city, in which the citizens have given way to the spirits of the dead that we will have to face through a mix of magical arts and martial arts.

Ghostwire Tokyo is in development for PC and PlayStation 5, but it is a ‘temporal exclusive which we will also see on other gaming platforms.

Marvel’s Wolverine

One of the big surprises of this PlayStation Showcase was the announcement, via a short teaser trailer, of Marvel’s Wolverine exclusively for PS5. The video unfortunately only showed a short clip in computer graphics, so at the moment we know absolutely nothing about the game, not even where it is in development.

It should be noted, however, that this new IP is under development at the studios of Insomniac, a prolific software house par excellence, so its release date may not be as remote as one might imagine at first glance. In any case, it is undoubtedly one of the titles to keep an eye on the most in the coming months, as it could turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

Gran Turismo 7

Another highlight of the latest Sony conference was undoubtedly Gran Turismo 7, which was shown in a long gameplay trailer that revealed, among other things, also the official release date of the game, set for the March 4, 2022. The game will be a cross-gen product available on both PS4 and PS5 and will offer a rich single-player campaign.

During the cutscene we saw a wide range of cars in action, which will boast a very high degree of customization in the full game, as evidenced by l’editor, shown briefly. It seems we can expect a lot from this new Gran Turismo, which promises to take the saga to the next step.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Another big surprise of the PlayStation Showcase and certainly among the most interesting announcements there is Marvel’s Spiderman 2, sequel to Marvel’s Spiderman and Miles Morales. The game will arrive exclusively on PS5 in 2023 and is always developed by the tireless Insomniac, practically in name and in fact. According to the software house it would be one of the most ambitious projects ever made by them and actually the trailer bodes well.

In fact, the movie is narrated by what it should be Kraven the Hunter, one of Spider-Man’s lesser known but more interesting archenemies. As if that weren’t enough, the trailer concludes by revealing that one of the game’s main threats will be nothing less than Venom, the terrifying alien symbiote that we have already met even in the cinema.

We must also consider that we see both Peter Parker’s and Miles Morales’ Spider-Man in action, which leads us to think that the combat system is designed to enhance the presence of both heroes on the screen. A gameplay element that, if true, would be really intriguing.

God Of War Ragnarok

We conclude the list of the most interesting announcements of the PlayStation Showcase with God of War Ragnarok, the highly anticipated sequel to the soft reboot of the 20218 saga. Finally the new work of Santa Monica showed itself in the extended trailer, which allowed us to better understand how the narrative plot and the gameplay of the continuation of the adventures of Kratos and his son Atreus.

In the movie we see an Atreus grown up compared to the events of the first God of War, and it is on him that the story of the game will focus, according to what we read on the pages of the PlayStation Blog. On the other hand, the young man is still discovering his powers, which he will probably develop also thanks to the guidance of his father.

Also confirmed the return of the most iconic characters of the first chapter, such as Mimir and the two dwarf blacksmiths Brok and Sindri. Very interesting confirmation that we will get acquainted with Tyr, the Norse God of War, a very enigmatic figure mentioned several times throughout the story of the first God of War.

We were also able to get an extended idea of ​​the gameplay of Ragnarok, which seems much more action-oriented than in the past, with more frenetic combat and a presence on the screen of more enemies. There are also new moves, new combos and new powers of Atreus. Who knows, maybe we will also see some new weapons for the Spartan to use.

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