Teufel Radio One review: the nightclub on the nightstand

In this review we will analyze Radio One, Teufel’s clock radio speaker with Bluetooth connection. Let’s find out together

In an increasingly connected world, Teufel is also making a name for itself on the market with its new products. We had already known and liked this company thanks to the reviews of the sports earphones Teufel Airy Sports and with headphones Teufel Supreme On. Today instead we will go and see in this one review the Teufel Radio One clock radio which brings the sound quality of the company to your bedside table. Let’s start the article and discover this little gem with smart functionality.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 240 x 90 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 780 g
  • Loudspeakers: 2 of 55 mm in aluminum
  • Frequency range: 63 – 20000 Hz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1, entrata jack 3,5 mm, presa USB
  • Clock radio functions: FM, DAB +, dual alarm
  • Other features: power bank

Teufel Radio One review: the nightclub on the nightstand

Packaging and design | Teufel Radio One Review

The clock radio comes in a very minimalist package, on which the product inside is depicted. Once the package is opened, we immediately find the user manual and the one concerning the dangers related to the use of a similar object, inserted in the special compartment of the cardboard covering. Moving away from the latter we will find ourselves face to face with our clock radio. Next we find instead the power supply which will be indispensable for its functioning.

The case shows up quite elegant as a whole. In the front we find a display inserted between the two aluminum speakers and the various keys used for the alarm clock, sleep timer, Bluetooth connection and FM radio and DAB + functions. The whole is covered with a retina that obscures the presence of the underlying objects, making the whole more elegant. In the upper part instead we find one bezel with push button function which will take care of the main functions on our clock radio.

On the sides of the latter we find six other buttons, respectively divided into two groups of three. In the first we find the key to access the menu of the clock radio and two other buttons that will do us browse our playlists or various radio stations. The second group instead will allow us to save three radio stations to allow us to find them immediately if necessary. It will then be possible to save three radio stations in FM mode and three in DAB + for a total of six stations. Finally, above we also find a brightness sensor which will adjust the brightness of the display according to that of our room.

On the back we find the connector for connecting the clock radio to the power supply, a comfortable USB dam which will be used to recharge our smart devices e a 3.5mm jack input to be able to play music from a PC or an old CD player. Finally, a large part of the back is occupied by a passive membrane with dimensions 136 x 36 mm. Thanks to the latter it will be possible to enjoy fuller bass and a warmer sound. In the lower part instead we find a cable-antenna for a better reception of the radio.

Teufel Radio One review: the nightclub on the nightstand

Lots of quality and various features | Teufel Radio One Review

The size of 240 x 90 x 80 mm (width, height and weight) combined with a weight of almost 800 g, make this device very robust. In fact, from the very first touch you can feel that sense of robustness that characterizes the construction material. The keys at the top also feel very durable, although they activate with very little pressure. The clock radio, in addition to the usual functions of a normal alarm clock, is also equipped with 5.1 Bluetooth connection which makes it a smart speaker.

In fact, it will be possible to connect it to our smartphone to play our favorite music, just like a normal Bluetooth speaker. However, although this feature may be suitable for a portable device, the clock radio, due to its initial functionality, it was not designed in this sense. To make it work in fact it will have to be connected all the time, using the special power supply supplied in the package, to the power outlet.

A real shame from this point of view because it cancels what surely would have been a point in favor of this device. Although it must therefore always be connected to a power outlet, consuming one of those present on our bedside table, the USB port with which it is equipped allows you to use the clock radio as a powerbank for charging smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. This one though it is not suitable for connecting USB sticks for playing MP3 files.

Teufel Radio One review: the nightclub on the nightstand

And what about the audio quality? | Teufel Radio One Review

Under this point of view Teufel has always known how to amaze and this time too it has succeeded in its intent. Be it low or high pitched sounds, this clock radio it has nothing to envy to the best speakers on the market. Much of the credit, in addition to the two 55 mm aluminum drivers, also goes to the passive membrane. With the dimensions of 136 x 66 mm, the latter occupies a large part of the rear side of the device.

Thanks to this, an “expandable sound box” effect is created which, thanks to its mobility, manages to adapt to each vibration in the best possible way due to the sound power of the speakers. This elastic effect therefore allows you to expand the space inside the device in order to do not go to compress the sounds played. This allows you to enjoy much deeper and more full-bodied bass, giving us unparalleled sound quality.

Good quality is also guaranteed in wireless mode, thanks to a Bluetooth 5.1 connection. This version, in addition to providing a faster location of devices, also favors a more stable connection. All this turns into a more efficient data passage that allows you to enjoy the best audio quality even if the smartphone is not close to our Radio One or maybe some wall is found in the middle.

Teufel Radio One review: the nightclub on the nightstand


We have now reached the end of this review on the Teufel Radio One clock radio and it is time to take stock. This clock radio, with a modern and elegant design, is able to provide the essential functions typical of this device, but not only. Besides two programmable alarms and the ability to receive FM and DAB + frequencies, this clock radio can in fact also play the speaker and powerbank function.

The not excessive size and weight could make the Radio One suitable for portability, however the company has decided not to revolutionize this instrument excessively. Although it therefore remains static, the audio quality will make you forget about this small inconvenience. Thanks to its structure it is able to guarantee an unparalleled sound both in the case of other sounds, but above all as regards the bass. Even at really high volumes no distortion was found that could compromise the overall audio.

The connective sector has also been really well taken care of, allowing this clock radio to be always connected in any mode. In conclusion, a real concentrate of engineering, although with that small flaw deriving from the lack of portability, which does not allow us to move it even from one room to another. That’s all for this review on the Teufel Radio One clock radio. We remind you that it is available for purchase on the official website at the recommended price of € 169.99.

What do you think of this clock radio? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further reviews regarding the technological and electronic universe, continue to follow the pages of techgameworld.com!

Points in favor

  • Unmatched sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Powerbank function
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