State of Play marzo 2022: tutti gli annunci PlayStation

PlayStation: soon a new State of Play? Jeff Grubb answers!

Jeff Grubb believes the PS Plus 12-month subscription price hike is a “tease” of a new State of Play. Let’s find out all the details in this dedicated news

It’s been several months since the last one PlayStation Showcase and with the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in less than eight weeks, the time seems ripe for a nuovo State of Play. As Sony raises the price of PlayStation Plus annual subscriptions, Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb has heard that a State of Play is “on the way”.

I’ve heard that a State of Play is coming and this seems like a preview

Given that State of Play may feature a handful of games or just one major title, that seems likely. Of course, it could also provide more details about PlayStation Portal, Sony’s streaming handheld console for the PS5, which will be launching at the end of 2023.

A new State of Play to coincide with the Tokyo Games Show 2023?

Sadly, there haven’t been many rumors about another PlayStation Showcase. Things could go one way or the other. Plans could change It is also possible that Sony will present some of its titles at the Tokyo Games Show from September 21 to 24 or what a nuovo State of Play be held precisely in that period of the month of September. There is a lot of meat in the fire at Sony and we just have to wait for further news and developments. In the meantime, however, the big news in the gaming world are branded Microsoft and respond to the name of Starfield, a title that is now out. Continue to tune in to the pages for further details and updates.

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