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PlayStation Spartacus: the official announcement may be upon us

We have been talking about for some months now Spartacusthe mysterious project of Sony PlayStation for the new PlayStation Plus service and which should somehow compete with Microsoft’s Game Pass. In the past few hours, new ones have emerged rumor on the whole thing and reportedly the arrival of this new concept of the online ecosystem of PlayStation may be upon us.

PlayStation Spartacus is upon us?

The well-known analyst was exposed on the matter Jeff Grubbwho confirmed that he has received various updates regarding Spartacus. According to him, the announcement of the new subscription service would now be imminent and he even spoke of news coming by the end of this month specifying what the price ranges provided by Sony will be:

“The plans will be called Essentials, Extra and Premium, the prices are still provisional but it will start at $ 10 per month for the cheapest plan, $ 13 for the intermediate plan and $ 16 per month for the most expensive premium plan.”

Going a little more into the merits of the various solutions described by Grubbthe $ 16 per month subscription should include free game trials and support for streaming gaming from PS4, PS5 and Mac while with the Extra subscription and later it will be possible to access a selection of downloadable but non-downloadable PlayStation classics. playable in streaming, the catalog should include between 250 and 300 games.

At the moment, however, the situation is still quite smoky, and to see clearly we will have to wait for official information from Sony, which however, as we have just seen, may not be too long in coming.

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