PlayStation VR 2: launch at Christmas 2022?

PlayStation VR 2: lancio a Natale 2022? thumbnail

What if Playstation VR 2 arrives on the market in just under a year, at Christmas 2022? It is a hypothesis not to be discarded, on the contrary.

In fact, according to what some Chinese analysts reported, large-scale production should begin shortly in the Goertek plants (a company specializing in electronics, often a partner of Sony in the past).

But it does not end here because in addition to the “Asian front”, also the US one – with Bloomberg – had confirmed this, even in June 2021, assuming the period of the end-of-year holidays 2022 as the possible one for the launch of Playstation VR2.

PlayStation VR 2: what to expect?

Sony’s main target is to make the tool accessible: connect it to the TV with a single cable. In addition to this attention to OLED technology for integrated screens, new controllers and everything related to the haptic world, eye-tracking and support for tracking the viewer without the need for an external camera; even if for all these rumors the official status of the Asian company will be needed.

The rumors increase, the hype mounts: is it therefore time to provide some official news to avoid other advances that can then reveal something that you wanted to keep hidden? Developments will follow in the coming weeks.