Nintendo Switch: Standalone app makes it easy to manage screenshots

Nasce SwitchBuddy: semplifica il trasferimento degli screenshot da Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Czech developer Filip Němeček created an integrated app for the Nintendo Switch, called SwitchBuddy, to facilitate the transfer of screenshots. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

Managing Nintendo Switch screenshots is now even easier with SwitchBuddy

Is transferring screenshots from the Switch a long and cumbersome process? Are you tired of going through microSD and other peripherals? Do not worry: it arrives SwitchBuddy! This is an app, available for both iOS and Android devices, which aims to simplify access to screenshot della Nintendo Switch.

As reported by NME, once the application is downloaded, players will be able to scan a very simple QR code to access their Switch screenshots and transfer them to various devices. Additionally the app allows gamers to save images directly to their device. The iOS version also includes the option to transfer images directly to the user’s iCloud account.

The application was developed by Filip Němeček. The latter, frustrated by the cumbersome process of transferring files from Switch to smartphone, went to work and created SwitchBuddy. With just one click, you can choose whether to send your screens to your social profiles, store them in special microSD cards or save them via a QR code.

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