PlayStation VR 2: the official site opens its doors

PlayStation VR 2: apre il sito ufficiale con tante informazioni sul visore thumbnail

The new generation of branded virtual reality Sony could be closer than expected: in the last few days, in fact, the official website of PlayStation VR 2, where you can read all the specifications of the new device and activate an alert for when pre-orders become available. It is therefore possible that the Japanese giant is preparing for a dedicated event.

PlayStation VR 2: opens the official website

According to what we read on the official website: “Virtual reality is about to make a huge generational leap forward: explore worlds that seem really real”. Definitely inviting words and that will not fail to tickle the palate of all those who are waiting the new viewer from Sony, although this device remains, to this day, still shrouded in mystery.

It is extremely likely that the new headset will be presented at a State of Play entirely dedicated to virtual reality, even if it is not yet clear when this can happen. The last event of this type was dedicated to Gran Turismo 7 and it is rumored that there is another upcoming event in which we will see Hogwarts Legacy in action, which would postpone the presentation of PlayStation VR 2 by at least a few months.

Here is an excerpt of the PlayStation VR 2 description from the official site:

“The interaction is even more realistic: the PS VR2 headset detects the movement of your eyes, so when you meet other players online, the emotional response and expressions are better and more intense (…) The gaze cameras follow your gaze when you aim or look around, while advanced foveated rendering techniques enhance the viewing experience by adjusting the resolution to improve and more precisely define the point you are looking at. “