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Google Duo: over 5 billion downloads for the video calling app

The application dedicated to video calls Google Duo, has just passed the 5 billion download milestone on the Play Store. The application has therefore become a pillar in the “Top app” sections of the Play Store and it seems that the bugs recently found within it have not dampened the public’s appetite for this software, also thanks to its presence on millions of Android devices.

Google Duo surpasses 5 billion downloads

For many devices that also use the app Google Phone, the ability to connect to Duo and using it as the default app for video calling could provide an explanation for this huge download figure, combined with the pandemic, which certainly played a significant role in all of this. Explanations aside, Duo joins an exclusive club of proprietary apps that have surpassed that download figure.

Duo, however, is not just a video calling app, as it allows you to make voice calls on selected Smart Displays and speakers. Nest Hub by Google. It is therefore a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family, whatever their platform, by configuring itself as a well-rounded application.

Google also has other services dedicated to video calling, such as Meet, a conference-focused option that was launched in 2017. However, Duo is a more home-focused option, while Meet is more business-oriented, which is why the former is physiologically more popular.

It is no coincidence that Google had planned to merge Meet and Duo, but this merger failed at the end of last year and at the moment it is not clear what the future holds for the app. video call Android default. Meanwhile, Google Meet has been added to Gmail but it’s not even close to Duo’s 5 billion downloads, which seems unattainable, at least for now.

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