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PlayStation VR2: the SoC is signed by MediaTek

The new PlayStation VR2 will officially debut on the market next February 2023 with an introductory price of $ 549.99 in the US. MediaTek plays a central part in the design of the new PlayStation VR2. The manufacturer, known for its smartphone chips, has confirmed that it will be an inedito SoC MediaTek to act as the central heart of the new Sony home viewer.

MediaTek will make the SoC of the new PlayStation VR2

MediaTek’s growth continues. The company, known for its smartphone SoCs, has unveiled its own first chip for virtual reality. This chip will debut with the Sony’s new PlayStation VR2. The Japanese house, as it had already emerged from some rumors of the past months, has, therefore, chosen MediaTek for the realization of the chipset of its new viewer. With this project, MediaTek will challenge Qualcomm in a new market segment that could experience substantial growth over the next few years.

The characteristics of the MediaTek chip are not yet known. The company designed and built the chip in partnership with Sony, adapting its characteristics to the needs of the new PlayStation VR2. The new Sony viewer will soon enter the pre-order phase and then arrive on the market in February next year.

Further updates on the project could, therefore, arrive shortly.

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