PLB and ManpowerGroup launch The Skill Game: the new eSport initiative

The Skill Game

ManpowerGroup with PLBby Bobo Vieri and Bernardo Corrad, launches “The Skill Game”, A project that combines the passion for video games with the training of soft skills for the world of work. The initiative is part of the consolidated partnership between the company and the project of the two former footballers who, since its inception, has proposed a reference model in Italy made up of educational content, training of young talents, challenges between sport and gaming and collaborations with some of the best eSports teams.

PLB e ManpowerGroup lanciano The Skill Game

“The Skill Game” is made up of a series of six live events on PLB’s Twitch channel in which well-known gamers and streamers from the national scene will address the issues of key soft skills for today’s and tomorrow’s world of work, such as leadership, lateral thinking, decision making, resilience, creativity and communication: skills that are often unknowingly trained through video games.

The goal is to make young talents of virtual sports aware of their abilities and to create a point of contact with this reality for companies through an original channel such as Twitch.
The project includes two online appointments each month, from March to June, for a total of six stages lasting 60 minutes each, scheduled after 18:00.

Simone “Akira” Trimarchi, caster and content creator as well as one of the most experienced connoisseurs of the national and international scene in terms of gaming and eSports, will guide the spectators in discussions and interviews with some of the well-known faces of the Italian gaming esports scene.

The presentation episode of “The Skill Game” was broadcast on March 16 and saw the participation of the PLB Ambassadors, Vieri and Corradi, who illustrated the project dedicated to soft skills, gaming and the world of work, also answering the questions in the live chat. The two former footballers and founders of the PLB project talked about the turning points in their sports career, the skills acquired and those that proved strategic even once they left the field.

They underlined how the idea behind PLB was born from the ambition to help young talents emerge thanks to values, method, passion and sacrifice, factors that have characterized the path of Vieri and Corradi in their growth from the youth sector to the initial stages. career.