NetEase: acquisition of Quantic Dream on the horizon according to a rumor

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The latest rumor smells of acquisition: the giant NetEase could incorporate the development team Quantic Dream, authors of Heavy Rain

It is not to be excluded, according to the last rumorwhich the development team Quantic Dream be next on the wish list for NetEase: the rumors that circulate speak of aacquisition. It’s not that the creative team has been having a great time lately; in addition to being late air for Star Wars Eclipse, unfortunately, there was no shortage of the increasingly common accusations of a toxic climate in the workplace. However, things could very well change: if Microsoft’s purchase of Activision has taught us anything, it’s that acquisitions can also solve problems.

The Non-Spectral Specter of a Phenomenal Acquisition: Could Quantic Dream Become Part of NetEase?

Already in 2019 NetEase pointed towards the acquisition of Quantic Dream by buying an unspecified number of shares. The investment resulted in new intellectual property, a game engine, and a motion capture studio. The agreement with Sony for the exclusives lasted for three games, thus expiring after the release of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. The development team in this sense has always wanted to switch to multi-platform titles, and according to the rumor that is circulating, this was the spark towards the desire to be acquired.

Continuing in the version of the facts reiterated also by the well-known insider Tom Henderson, the developer has reached out to multiple companies but without success. As a Trojan horse, the development team has focused on a title called Project Karma, in the beginning centered on travels in the cosmos. Over time, the project acquired the identity of the current (?) Star Wars Eclipse and it was this that made the team attractive to NetEase. The rumors speak of negotiations underway for several months, with total absorption as a goal. At the writing of the article there are no official statements on the matter, but they are expected in summer.

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