Plug & Drive: l’abbonamento a Jeep Renegade e Compass 4xe Plug-In

Ecco Plug & Drive: l

The spirit of adventure of Jeep Renegade e Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid marries the flexibility of the subscription formulas: it is born Plug & Drivethe innovative solution proposed by Leasys Rent to enter the Jeep world in the name of driving freedom. The company, which specializes in rental and subscription solutions, launches the first monthly subscription dedicated to the two plug-in hybrid models of the 4xe SUV range, leader in Italy in the Italian “on tap” market in 2021, which includes electric and plug-in hybrid cars. A record also confirmed in January 2022 with a record share of 19%.

Activatable at the network of Jeep dealers with Leasys Rent mandate, Plug & Drive can be renewed monthly, up to 12 months, with the possibility of returning the car even after the first 30 days, without any type of penalty. Subscribing is simple and advantageous: to access the formula you only need one credit card. One time registered, at a cost of 199 euros for Renegade and 299 euros for Compassit will be possible choose or order your own model at the dealership and collect it on the appointed day.

Each Plug & Drive subscription includes 1,500 km of monthly travel, as well as including RCA insurance and damage and theft coverage. To these advantages is added the possibility of recharge the car for free at the electrified network of Leasys Rent. All in the face of a fixed monthly fee (€ 579 for Renegade and € 599 for Compass), also payable online.

Thought to be a tribute to the 4xe worldthe new formula combines the off-road spirit and plug-in hybrid propulsion, typical of each model in the Jeep range, with the innovation and flexibility guaranteed by the car subscription solutions proposed by Leasys Rent, in an ideal synthesis of freedom, driving fun and environmental sustainability.

In fact, Jeep’s strategy towards the energy transition does not only include the best of technology, but also prestigious partnerships, such as the one with Leasys Rent, to develop advanced services and products that are aimed at motorists projected towards the future of mobility, which practical and tailor-made answers are needed for constantly evolving needs.