PocketBook presents InkPad Eo: a revolutionary 10.3-inch color ereader

PocketBook has launched its new device, the InkPad Eo, which combines the functionality of an e-reader and an electronic notebook on a large 10.3-inch color screen

This device introduces a number of significant technological improvements, allowing users to read, take notes and annotate on a E Ink Kaleido 3 color display. Beyond that, it offers the ability to take photos and add annotations directly on them, brainstorm ideas, and even listen to audiobooks via headphones or a built-in speaker.

PocketBook presents InkPad Eo: a revolutionary 10.3-inch color ereaderPocketBook presents InkPad Eo: a revolutionary 10.3-inch color ereader

Key Features of the PocketBook InkPad Eo

Equipped with a powerful Octa Core processor and based on Android 11, theInkPad Eo offers a wide range of tools for writing, drawing and editing content. You can use pens, pencils and brushes, with several erasing options and a crop tool to manage annotations.

Plus, notes can be saved in PDF or PNG formats for easy sharing via email or Wi-Fi. Adding third-party apps allows for further customization.

One of the innovative features is the integration of a camera, which allows users to capture images and add annotations directly on them, making it a useful tool for graphic designers and interior designers.

L'InkPad Eo di PocketBook presents one 10.3-inch E Ink Kaleido 3 color screen which significantly improves the resolution of color images, ensuring clear text display and leaving enough space for notes. There SMARTlight function adjusts brightness and color temperature to optimize reading comfort.

The device is available in Mist Gray and Sunset Copper colors, with 64GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot. It supports 17 book and graphics formats, with the ability to expand functionality via third-party apps.

Il suggested price is 560 Eurosand will be available on the market starting from May 2024.

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