POCO F4 GT: a gaming smartphone with a “magnetic” charm

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POCO F4 GT arrives, a smartphone that we can easily place in the high-end but that offers at least a couple of peculiarities that make it unique in its kind. Let’s see what it is

The POCO brand was born long ago to bring powerful but essential smartphones to the market in order to be able to integrate top-of-the-range features in a highly competitive price product. POCO F4 GT will also do something more. In fact, we not only have a very powerful smartphone, but also one of a kind with some features that wink at the world of gaming. Let’s see the details!

POCO F4 GT: a gaming smartphone with a "magnetic" charm

POCO F4 GT: for gaming on smartphones

Like any self-respecting top of the range of 2022, this new smartphone will also be equipped with a processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The SoC was released a couple of months and represents Qualcomm’s latest technology. We will have eight cores at our disposal, including the brand new Cortex-x2 that will go up to 3 GHz, and an Adreno GPU. It is one of the most powerful SoCs currently on the market and will certainly be able to handle any workload without problems, from everyday life to extreme gaming. But the peculiarity of the POCO F4 GT is the LiquidCool 3.0 cooling system which distinguishes it from the other top of the range. Thanks to a sophisticated multilayer technology and the integration of two huge vapor chambers, this smartphone manages to maintain high performance even for prolonged periods of time. Ideal for gaming.

POCO F4 GT: a gaming smartphone with a "magnetic" charm

A dream display

As in a self-respecting top of the range, we find the standard screen AMOLED+ 120Hz with touch sampling at 480 Hz. But POCO has considered making the F4 GT’s display unique with several small gems. The dimming PWM a 1920 Hz is a technology that protects users’ eyes in low-light environments, especially when gaming at night. It manages to maintain excellent image quality, with faithful colors, without straining the eyes even for prolonged periods of time. We find then 10x Super Resolution Touch, a display technology that allows the screen to react to micro movements. It is particularly useful for battle royale games and MOBA games, for fast and precise commands. Thanks to all these features, the POCO F4 GT has beaten or equaled 15 performance records on DisplayMate, ranking as one of the few smartphones with an A + screen on the market.

Halfway between top of the range and gaming beast

I magnetic pop-up triggers they are becoming the standard in gaming smartphones, but they are practically impossible to find on the normal top of the range also because they would be in the way. With its retractable magnetic buttons, POCO F4 GT has managed to combine the ergonomics needed in gaming with the elegance and practicality of a traditional top of the range.

POCO F4 GT: a gaming smartphone with a "magnetic" charm

Battery and autonomy on POCO F4 GT

For the first time it is introduced HyperCharge 120 W in a POCO smartphone. Thanks to this technology, charging them will not be a problem. In fact, the POCO F4 GT can recharge quickly and provide enough autonomy to complete our activities. HyperCharge at 120W is based on a two 2350mAh batteries which can be fully recharged in less than 20 minutes. But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, the POCO F4 GT’s battery has been designed to be recharged even while gaming. In fact, even if under stress during the game, the smartphone will be able to recharge in about 30 minutes. A result truly worthy of praise given that there are few devices that can guarantee this performance in terms of autonomy and charging. For an optimal gaming experience, even while charging, it is provided in the box an L-shaped charging cable. In this way, a firm and comfortable grip can be guaranteed even during charging.

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