Podcast success continues: record revenue from advertising

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Podcasts are experiencing truly remarkable success and confirmation comes from advertising revenues linked to this particular communication format. In the USAin fact, podcasts will record advertising revenue for over $ 2 billion over the course of 2022 they continue a growth process that has been going on for several years. Here are all the details:

Podcasts continue to be a hit – strong growth in advertising revenue

According to a recent report, at least in the US, iThe success of podcasts is set to continue. Estimates anticipate an increase of + 47% in advertising revenues related to podcasts in the US. This increase will lead the sector to record a total of 2.13 billion dollars in revenues in the course of 2022, confirming a growth trend that shows no signs of stopping. In 2021, in fact, the sector recorded 1.45 billion dollars in revenues from Ads with a growth of + 72% compared to the previous year.

New records in 2024

According to analysts’ estimates, advertising linked to podcasts could record a new record in the course of 2024. The estimates, in fact, anticipate the achievement of $ 4.2 billion in revenues over the course of 2024. The podcast industry is now a successful industry that continues to grow from year to year, offering more and more space to investors. We will see what happens in Italy instead.

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