The date of the next Nintendo Indie World Showcase has been revealed

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Nintendo has just unveiled the data of his neighbor Indie World Showcase. According to what has been revealed the event will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 11 Maylive streaming on the channel YouTube of society. Let’s find out all the details together.

The Nintendo Indie World Showcase returns tomorrow

Actually Nintendo did not disclose many details about the Indie World Showcase. The Kyoto company has only revealed that the event will be held tomorrow at 16:00 Italian time and who will have one duration of twenty minutes. Nintendo’s last showcase dates back to December 2021; during the event a prequel of The Messenger called Sea of Stars, River City Girls 2, AfterLove EP and so on.

Nintendo is used to organizing the Indie World Showcase every year. The first always occurs in the first half of the yearthe next is usually held at August and then Nintendo ends the year with a flourish with a new event a December.

Although it is not a real one Nintendo Direct, it’s still a great way to show where society stands with it development of certain titles. It also allows her to stay more in contact with its users and to keep them updatedwhich never hurts.

According to some rumors, however, it seems that next month Nintendo will offer us one complete and noteworthy showcase. Yes, we know, theE3 this year was canceled but we believe that Nintendo will not back down and will show us some interesting titles.

Unfortunately, the information available to us has run out. So we just have to wait tomorrow’s event and see what there has in store for us Kyoto company. And you, which video game would you like to see tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.

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