Pokémon Arceus Legends: The Nintendo Switch title is available today

From today, Pokémon Arceus Legends is finally available, the “Breath of the Wild moment” that the series has been waiting for for several years now.

After a long wait, today it is finally available Arceus Pokémon Legends, the title that promises to take us to the dawn of the fantasy equivalent of Hokkaidō. The Sinnoh region, in a markedly steampunk past, was called Hisui; this translates into gameplay as a good excuse to tap into the hostile nature of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and therefore justify the move to a more openly open-world game design. The title is now available for sixty euros, and we do not doubt that in this case there is an undoubted value for money.

Available today the Arceus revolution for the Pokémon series, ready to enter the legends!

With our starter in hand, in the title made available today we will be able to face what in Pokémon Arceus Legends promises to be the greatest adventure ever, between steam Poké Balls and paper Pokédexes. On the occasion of the launch, the Big N has packaged several videos, but instead of opting for the final evolutions of our initial companions we would prefer to leave you in the company of something more… demonstrative. For this reason, if it had escaped us in recent days, we wanted to include the presentation trailer of the latest Game Freak effort.

If our enthusiasm turns out to be excessive, we have condensed it into five possible reasons why it could truly revolutionize the future of the regular series forever. And we really hope so, given the sea of ​​features that have gone and never come back. We have been able to recognize the ambition of the development team in their latest adventure set “abroad”, so if the franchise can benefit from a cultural return to the Land of the Rising Sun we can only be happy. Good luck to all the coaches of the past who will take their first steps in Hisui!

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