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Pokémon European International Championships: catch them all!

The Pokémon European International Championships are also added to the list of eSports tournaments to follow in live streaming starting this Friday 22 April

These Pokémon European International Championships they can therefore be followed via streaming, for obvious health reasons, starting from Friday 22 April and will last until Sunday 24. But let’s understand a little better how the tournament of pocket creatures created by the good Satoshi Tajiri will be structured now more than a few years ago.

Pokémon European International Championships: meeting in Frankfurt

The Pokémon European International Championships will therefore be held in Frankfurtwe remember from 22 to 24 April, and you can follow them comfortably on Twitch. We will therefore start with the legendary collectible card game and then move on to Sword and Shield without forgetting the Pokkén Tournament DX and the ubiquitous GO!

Of course, you can still follow live streaming for strictly health issues and the same thing has already been seen for both QuakeCon 2022 and tomorrow’s D&D Direct. In any case we are sure that there will be some good ones starting from the opening at 9.00 on Friday until the closing scheduled for 10.00 on Sunday. An event of short duration, but no less intense.

Pokémon European International Championships: catch them all!

Four categories of play and a whole long series of challengers and coaches coming from every corner of the globe, or perhaps it is better to say Europe, to compete for the title of “best” in its category. Will you follow them or will you participate directly? Let us know in the comments!

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