Pokémon Go: all the advantages found “wandering” in January

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Between parties, running around the CES pavilions and returning to the keyboard to write, we haven’t had much to play during this month. But we continued anyway open the Pokémon Go appto hatch eggs and catch Tauros in the United States – and also to take advantage of the offers ofAccess to Giruovago in January. Which you too can take advantage of, for the next few days. And it remains interesting to know why Giruovago Access includes a timed search every month.

Pokémon Go and the Giruovago Access of January 2024

In January, many of us tried to accumulate a few more kilometers than usual, to keep our cardiovascular systems working at full capacity after the holiday meals. And for those who play Pokémon Go, more walking means more eggs to hatch.

To make the most of our desire to get back on the road (and to take advantage of the kilometers we knew we would clock up at the Las Vegas fair), we took the Accesso Giruovago ticket. Which has ‘eggs’ in the name, in case you thought it was a repeated typo: in English it is Eggs-Pedition.

Available from January 1, 2024, the ticket gave us access to a number of exclusive bonuses and timed searches. Nothing absolutely unmissable: if after the holidays and gifts you also feel the need to save money, there is no unrepeatable Pokémon encounter. But the ticket, which you can buy until 8pm Italian time on January 29th, has several bonuses.

The advantages of the bonus

L’Access to Giruovago gave us access to one new timed search will be available at the beginning of each month. In January we found a series of research tasks that earned us extra XP (2500 for four first, then 5000 for four), stardust (2500 for four first, then 5000 for four) and special encounters with Pokémon with Togetic.

A nice loot, considering that the most complicated missions were, at least for us, Capture 20 Water or Flying-type Pokémon and evolve 10 Pokémon – and more for reasons of limited time than anything else. And even if you don’t do them, if you already have a nice upgraded Togekiss you won’t miss out on much, and you will take home experience points and stardust.

You can complete them and redeem the rewards until 8pm on January 31, 2024.

I bonus

However, there are no limits for bonuses, which are valid for those who purchase the ticket until the end of the month. Although having them for several days is an advantage: we will start immediately from February. THE January Wanderlust Access bonus on Pokémon Go are:

  • A one-time use Egg Incubator (just spin a PokéStop or Gym)
  • Experience points tripled for the first catch of the day. The same goes for the first disc of the day at PokéStops or Gyms.
  • Possibility to open up to 50 friendship packages per day.
  • Ability to receive up to 150 friendship packages per day by spinning photo discs at PokéStops or Gyms.
  • Ability to store up to 40 friendship packages in the Bag.

Is it worth taking advantage of Pokemon Go’s Wandering Access in January?

The price to access all these offers is 5,99 euro. Once you have made your purchase, you can also gift Access to your Great Friends in the game. Is it worth it?

Pokémon Go Community Day March

We think that Niantic made a good choice with this ticket. Unlike what we saw with the Pokémon Go Fest Global 2023, which encouraged us to go around (even in the rain) and buy the ticket for access to some unmissable Pokémon such as Mega Diancie and above all the very strong MegaRayquaza, this it is not “mandatory”. You can easily play without the bonuses and extra missions, without losing any huge advantages. However, those who want to spend the equivalent of five dollars for a little more powder and experience can do so.

If you play often and want some extra challenge, as well as the ability to unlock moves and level up your Pokémon, it’s an interesting option. In store, with 5.99 euros you can buy 550 coins: decide for yourself whether you prefer this ticket or, for example, a Fantasy Coach Package.

We still have to choose whether purchase the Giruovago Access also for the next month (which will be full of walking events a lot like January). What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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