Pokémon GO and unmotivated bans: what’s going on?

Pokémon GO e i ban immotivati: che sta succedendo? thumbnail

Niantic just admitted that one of the most recent Pokémon GO bans hit many “innocent” users by mistake. The company has apologized and has already confirmed that it will reactivate the accounts of the unfairly banned coaches. The problem of cheaters in Pokémon GO is still very present, even 5 years after its publication and the Niantic team is always working to find effective methods to identify them.

Pokémon GO: Unfairly banned players will get their account back

Pokémon GO bans usually follow a three-step procedure. First comes a limitation to the account of about 7 days, then a block of the same for a month and, finally, the permanent ban, if the situation requires it. However, in the latest wave of bans, the game’s anti-cheat system seems to have suffered a malfunction and has mowed down numerous “honest” accounts from the famous application.

An unpleasant situation, which the development team is trying to solve: “We are working to reactivate the accounts of users who have been unjustly punished – reads the page Twitter company officer – The fix will be applied to all players, even those who have not contacted us. We apologize for the inconvenience”.

In recent weeks, the Pokémon GO SubReddit, TheSylphRoad, was literally inundated with complaints from fans who found themselves banned for no reason. According to some rumors, this glitch would occur due to a certain version of iOS installed on your iPhone, but at the moment this is an unconfirmed and probably false hypothesis.

Niantic has not yet made any mention of any type of compensation for players affected by this phenomenon, many of which have been unable to participate in GO Fest 2021, one of the most loved annual events by players and in which several rare creatures can be found. Considering how Niantic has handled these events in the past, we could see the festival return for one or more weekends.