Pokémon GO: official guide to the events of August

Here are the official instructions for use of Niantic: the events of August of Pokémon GO are several, but we have collected them in a guide

We have an official Niantic guide to Pokémon GO’s August events, thanks to the app’s latest blog post. Megaraid and Ultrabonus are on their way, and the “extraordinary discovery” for the field research of the month is just an appetizer. From ten in the evening on Sunday 1 August until the same time on Wednesday 1 September, you can meet a Chimecho which will earn you double the experience points. In addition, a one-time offer will be available with a nominal cost of a single Pokémoneta for a remote raid ticket every Monday in August. The best, however, is yet to come.

Legendary Avalanche Raids

The official guide to the events of Pokémon GO in August does not fail to mention the raid. In particular, Dialga will appear in five-star raids until 10 am on Friday 6 August. In the case of Palkia, on the other hand, the timing goes from ten on Friday 6 August to the same time as Friday 20 August 2021. Niantic reminds us that the most “lucky” will be able to find some one chromatic. As for the legendary third in five-star raids, the development team invites us to “stay tuned”. There will be a “raid time”Between six and seven in the afternoon for all three: Dialga on Wednesday 4 August, Palkia on Wednesday 11 and 18 August, and the last Wednesday 25.

Pokémon GO: official guide to the events of August

But what about raid, megaraid – Pokémon GO August events guide

It wouldn’t be a month of events if August didn’t include the megaraid, and once again the Pokémon GO end-of-summer calendar does not disappoint. Mega Charizard X will follow the same dates as Dialga, while Mega Ampharos will be available around the same time as Palkia. Mega Beedrill instead it will be available from 10 am on Friday 20 August until Thursday 26 at the same time. In the end, Mega Pidgeot it will make its appearance on Thursday 26th in the morning and will disappear only at the same time as Wednesday 1st September. Let’s close the raid speech with a flourish a bonus raid hour set for Monday, August 30th.

Pokémon GO: official guide to the events of August

The limelight – Pokémon GO August Events Guide

From six in the afternoon to seven in the evening of every Tuesday, in addition to the raid time on Wednesday, the events of Pokémon GO will also provide a creature in first floor. We leave you to the calendar and the related bonuses.

  • Tuesday 3 August: Magnemite, for double the stardust
  • Tuesday 10 August: Shellos (form Mare Est), for double the experience points
  • Tuesday 17 August: Shellos (form Mare Ovest), for double the amount of candy
  • Tuesday, August 24: a Pokémon not yet announced, always for double the amount of candy
  • Tuesday, August 21: Another Pokémon still unknown, for double the experience points

Pokémon GO: official guide to the events of August

Let’s Get Together for Every Beautiful Leaf – Pokémon GO August Events Guide

Also for the month of August, the Pokémon GO event guide includes a Community Day. This time it’s up to Eevee: to celebrate, stickers dedicated to him and his evolutions will be available on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 August 2021. Pokéstops and friendship packs will be valid methods to get those of Eevee, but if you want those of its evolutions (or even if you want other stickers of Eevee itself) you will have to head to the store. For the other events, however, Niantic still plays hole cards: we will have to “stay tuned” to find out more. All that’s missing now is a recent promised gift from the development team.

Pokémon GO: official guide to the events of August


We close the guide to the events of August of Pokémon GO with Ultrabonus. We provide you directly with a calendar also in this case, to help you better track the days to be marked.

  • Friday 23 July (10:00) – Tuesday 3 August (20:00): Dialga will allow Pokémon from different ages to appear on the map
  • Friday 6 August (10:00) – Tuesday 17 August (20:00): Palkia will allow a Pokémon from different regions to appear on the map

Last but not least, from 18:00 to 24:00 on Thursday 26 August the third Lotte GO evening will keep us busy with 100 different challenges. It will therefore be possible to obtain the triple stardust by leveling up in the GO Battle League and completing different series of challenges. As Niantic also reminds you, be careful when you go around!

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