The Coalition: Unreal Engine 5 tech demo videos released

The GDC had been presented with a tech demo developed by The Coalition for Xbox Series X that showed the enormous potential of Unreal Engine 5: the videos were also recently published, allowing us to see it even on our personal screen.

The demonstration of the tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 developed by The Coalition, developers of the Gears series. This demo, which ran on Xbox Series X, allowed us to have another demonstration of the enormous potential of the new engine owned by Epic Games. In particular, it was highlighted as the polygonal density has drastically increased compared to past standards. Well, the videos of these tech demos were recently released on the Xbox Youtube channel, and we can therefore see the results from the comfort of our screens at home.

The Coalition’s Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, we recommend viewing in 4K or 1440p

The videos in question released on the Xbox channel are two: the first is Alpha Test, while the second is the render test of some characters. As we had already seen, the Alpha Test (visible below) partly follows what we had already seen with the very first Unreal Engine 5 tech demo for PS5: the environment is a rocky area inside a cave, in the center of which we find some mysterious object. The render test of the characters instead it shows in great detail some models of characters, showing how detailed they are, both in the face and in the rest of the body.

As mentioned before, the two videos of The Coalition tech demos show the potential of Unreal Engine 5 on Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, after we have already seen how it worked for its Sony counterpart months ago. Although we don’t know what is brewing right now in The Coalition studios (although many are ready to bet on a new Gears game), we do know that the studio has now adopted Unreal Engine 5 for its future projects.

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