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Pokémon legends Arceus: its LEGO version arrives

Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the latest video game in the series for the Nintendo Switch family of consoles, has decided to celebrate its success in a LEGO version

Laying Pokémon: Arceuswhich continues to thrive more than three months after its official launch at the end of January, has decided to celebrate its success by bringing the world of monsters created by Satoshi Tajiri to the LEGO world. But let’s go ahead in order!

Arceus Pokémon Legends: Capture Them, That Is, Build Them All!

To celebrate the success of this new and incredible adventure (which we have already analyzed in depth here), OrangeTeam LUGan Italian community officially recognized by LEGOhas created special models made with the iconic bricks, which they recreate the Coach’s “tools of the trade” in the real world present in the videogame: from Apricorn to all the various Balls (including Mega and Ultra), but that’s not all!

Anyone, in fact, will be able to have fun creating the inimitable “sphere” in LEGO bricks (which have recently also explored the Star Wars universe) thanks to the detailed construction manual available on the OrangeTeam LUG website. Assembling the model takes just over an hour, using about 400 bricks: an ideal challenge for fans of all ages, between captures in the Hisui region, and an innovative way to always carry your passion with you, even outside the video game.

Pokémon legends Arceus: its LEGO version arrives

Pokémon Legends: Arceus represents a real revolution for the saga and all the single novelties it presents to players make it a highly innovative gaming experience. Among these, the new capture system.

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