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Pokémon Presents: recap of all the February 2024 announcements

The other face of Nintendo Direct closes the month of February: here is our recap for all the announcements of the first Pokémon Presents of 2024

The month of February opened the dance for the 2024 of the Big N with a Nintendo Direct dedicated to third parties, but given the multimedia nature of the pocket monsters, the Pokémon Presents as a separate event and that’s why we summarized it here all the latest announcements. When writing this incipit, which anticipates the event by a few hours, the leaker Pyoro proved to be much more uncertain than usual, alluding only to the possibility of remakes of the White Version and the Black Version. By the end of the article we will find out whether he was right or not. As always, spoiler alert: if you want to recover the entire event, you can find it below. For everyone else, happy reading!

Pocket Monster Day | Pokémon Presents, all the announcements for February 2024

The Pokémon Presents announcements start from one that everyone expected: theself-celebration as a worthy forerunner for the last presentation of February 2024. After a long and redundant incipit with Pikachu and the Unown, Tsunekaru Ishihara e Takato Utsonomiya remind us that the day dedicated to pocket monsters falls today on the occasion of the anniversary of the Red, Green and Blue versions. For this reason, from the 28th (Tomorrow) raids are open Charizard, Blastoise e Venusaur in Scarlet and Violet, even for those who have not purchased the DLC. But it’s about seven star raidfor which at least the postgame must be completed.

Pokémon Presents: recap of all the February 2024 announcements

Mobile titles | Pokémon Presents, all the announcements for February 2024

Nothing emphasizes the nature of the franchise, at times parallel to that of Nintendo itself, like updates for the mobile games. For example Pokémon GO inaugurates a collaboration with the anime Horizons: The Series, including a Pikachu wearing the cap from the recent adaptation. Charcadet and its evolutions Armarouge and Ceruledge also join the mobile game. Pokémon Sleep sees the debut of Raikou in March, with the other legendary Suicune and Entei to follow. They then arrive in Pokémon Masters EX also Argento with Tyranitar (1/3), as well as Alisma and her Glimmora (28/2, tomorrow). 3000 gems and photo mode included. Oh, and Gimmighoul coins invade Pokémon Café Remix.

Epic unpacking | Pokémon Presents, all the announcements for February 2024

Pokémon Unite sees the debut of Miraidon (starting today with the code POKEDAY24), Falinks and Ceruledge. The real revelation on the mobile front, however, is the announcement of Pokémon: Pocket Trading Card Game, including a daily login bonus with two booster packs obtainable every 24 hours at no cost. The digital adaptation of the board game also includes a set of simplified rules for beginners, as well as quick and immediate exchanges with other users, the possibility of expanding the illustrations of each card and, behind the scenes, the joint effort of Creatures, DeNA and, of course, The Pokémon Company itself. It comes out this year.

The real announcement

This time we were more laconic than usual, but the Pokémon Presents announcements brought the curtain down on the month of February with a reveal that surprised everyone: a game that, for once, it will not be released in 2024. A version of Lumiose City with contour lines traced in neon, which leaves a lot of room for imagination on the launch line-up of Nintendo Switch 2, “shows itself” in the gentrification phase. The title, however, reveals that the Hisui region will be among the few GAME FREAK ideas to be revisited. Trainers and trainers listening, Legendary Pokémon: ZA will receive the gestation promised by the brand’s upper echelons, and will be released in 2025! The game is entirely set in Lumiose Citybut we don’t know what this entails.

Now it’s up to you to tell us your opinion: would you have expected to return to Kalos? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and beyond. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.