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Palworld: the patch for full keyboard support arrives

Pocketpair’s successful work: Palworld, gets a new patch with keyboard support and many other improvements

A month after the release of Palworld, one arrives new extensive patch which includes a finished keyboard support and multiple other fixes. Until now it was not possible to change the keyboard configuration except via the system integrated into Steam, a fact that had caused disappointment among PC players. The Japanese developer immediately took action and inserted the much requested feature.

But the good news doesn’t end there! In fact, there are numerous bugs fixed, in particular those relating to saving files which tended to accumulate completely useless data. It is also refined guild system which allows you to chase away unwanted people from your groups of pal breeders and improves the accuracy of collection actions. Finally, the pals will be more aggressive, and if necessary they will attack even if the base is not in a state of alert.Palworld: the patch for full keyboard support arrives

Beyond the patch on the keyboard support, what is Palworld?

Palworld, beyond the keyboard patch, is a title from extraordinary success and a hybrid between survival and monster collector which recently surpassed 25 million players. Produced by the Japanese at Pocketpair, it boasts a base construction system, numerous creatures that roam the world and a good number of difficult bosses. Furthermore, materials can be mined, large areas deforested and territories reclaimed. Everything to build your dream home.

So, fresh from this new update, start training your pal ranks again and return to the islands they inhabit. Your efforts will be more rewarded, as iThe bug that prevented the little monsters from learning new moves is no longer found in the game code.

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