Pokémon Scarlatto e Pokémon Violetto sono disponibili da oggi su Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet available today on Nintendo Switch

Dear Pokémon Trainers around the world: the wait is over. Arm yourself with pokéballs and Nintendo Switch, because from today it is possible to venture into the new region of Paldea with Pokémon Scarlet e Pokémon Violet.

Between legendary creatures and an unprecedented multiplayer map, the two games revolutionize the Pokémon video game experience, becoming a real open world. To the point that a special lesson was even held at the IULM University of Milan dedicated to the new game mechanics.

Content creators are also in the chair Cydonia & Chiara, who with their interesting intervention have highlighted the revolutionary open world and the three different and exciting narrative arcs. Also present is the proplayer Francesco Pardiniwhich instead told the other aspect of the video game world of Pokémon: the competitive one.

What you need to know about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet Violet map

The two new games are set in the new world of Paldea, a land that branches out between maritime landscapes, snowy hills and urban contexts. A territory obviously populated by Pokémon that players will have to capture armed with Pokédex.

The look open world revolutionizes the whole approach to the game, expanding the freedom and range of possibilities for players. These will be able to join up to a maximum of three friends to explore Paldea, even riding legendary Pokémon Koraidon (in Pokémon Scarlet) e Miraidon (in Pokémon Violet). Among the news announced also the new Raid Teracristal with black crystals, which will give players the opportunity to capture exclusive Pokémon.

Both games are available starting today on Nintendo Switch. We remind you that multiplayer requires an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

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