Meta’s artificial intelligence specializing in science fails

L'intelligenza artificiale di Meta specializzata nella scienza è un fallimento thumbnail

Meta’s “Galactica” project which he aimed to create an artificial intelligence to “organize science” is failed after just 48 hours. Here are the problems that emerged that forced Meta to block its project to develop an artificial intelligence specialized in the field of science.

Meta’s Galactica AI project has failed

The goal of the project was to provide the AI ​​with an enormous amount of scientific data in order to obtain from it a precise and concise summary on a given topic. To achieve this goal, Galactica was able to analyze over 48 million scientific-themed articles, books and websites.

Analysis of this material should have ensured an understandable summary of any topic. However, the project was stopped after 48 hours. The questions exposed at the Galactica demoin fact, they got too often incorrect or misleading answers. Apparently, the AI ​​has failed to assimilate all the topics covered and to achieve the goal that Meta had set.

The developers have therefore withdrawn the demo. Further development work will most likely be needed to reach the target set by Meta for its “scientific” AI. We will know more in the near future.