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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: the weight of the titles on Nintendo Switch revealed!

With the incessant approach of November, Nintendo continues to reveal details and new information on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: among these, the weight of the software on Nintendo Switch

The next autumn-winter season will be really full of great titles for Nintendo Switch owners. Persona 5 Royal, Bayonetta 3 and No Man’s Sky are just a few of the great video games that are about to appear in the bookstores of Nintendo’s hybrid, if we really want to dodge the new iteration of one of the company’s flagship franchises. Pokémon Violet and Scarlet will be released on November 18th and, from what the big N has wanted to show so far, seems to want to be the most ambitious title of the entire seriesafter a Pokémon Legends Arceus that moved the needle of Game Freak’s compass, while remaining a spin-off title and not related to the main series.

Does ambition mean content, content means weight? Not exactly. In the past few hours, the Violetto and Scarlatto eShop pages have been updated, and this time they indicate it space required to install each game, currently set at 10 GB. Which is exactly what we would have expected from a main chapter in the Pokémon series. Obviously, it is very likely that as launch approaches this weight may vary, or a day-one patch may be available that will change that.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: weight revealed, in line with the main chapters of the franchise

If we go back with the memory, Pokémon Sword and Shield had a weight at launch of 12.4 GB, against 6.1 GB of Pokémon Legends Arceus, and 6.9 GB of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl. The 10 GB of Scarlet and Violet, as mentioned, are therefore in line with the chapters of the new generation of the Pokémon franchise, although superior to spin-offs and remakes of various kinds. Let’s see what Game Freak has in store for us.

Therefore also revealed the weight of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which we remind you will arrive exclusively for NIntendo Switch on November 18th. Let us know what you think of what Nintendo has shown so far below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in affordable game keys, why not take a look at the InstantGaming catalog?

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