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Registering an Internet domain: everything you need to know

Those who intend to register an Internet domain and, therefore, are preparing to choose the name of their website, must keep in mind some very important things

But let’s start from the beginning: why register an Internet domain? There are essentially two reasons: to promote one’s business or to make it grow and then resell it at a profit.

Choose a good hosting provider

Before proceeding with domain registration, it is essential to choose a reliable and secure provider such as Ionos. The platform offers various interesting features, including a professional mailbox connected to the domain, the SSL certificate, which guarantees full security to those who visit the site, helping to improve its ranking on Google, an unlimited number of sub-domains and a customer support always available. Ionos is the right solution to grow your brand, whether it’s a large company or a small business. You can register a domain for 5 years and make your site attractive using all the available features. To date, Ionos manages more than 22 million domains offering a wide selection of extensions, including the brand new .zone and .academy. Premium domains are also available, perfect for building a brand and making it even more recognizable. To the possibilities just listed, the platform adds ultra-competitive prices, suitable for all those who need a domain, even if for simple entertainment. Domain registrars with Ionos have a better chance of protecting their brand and overtaking competitors thanks to the range of features offered, including the use of the new geographic extensions, perfect for geolocating a business and making it visible on search engines.

The top-level domain (TLD)

The first step is to choose the top-level domain, i.e. the portion of the domain that follows the dot. The most popular options are .com, .org and .net. Their issue takes place periodically: it is an event to pay close attention to, so as to seize the most interesting opportunities. There are more than 1500 TLDs. To choose the most suitable one for your business, you need to consider its semantic meaning. For example, it wouldn’t be a great idea to use the “” domain for a travel agency.

All you need to do before choosing a domain name

Before registering a domain, it is essential to check the following aspects:

  • check in advance the availability of the chosen name
  • be able to face an extremely competitive market
  • make sure that the chosen name is legally usable (currently, the rules are more stringent than in the past)
  • choose a provider that can guarantee security measures such as two-factor authentication

Finally, the alternative of NFT domains is worth considering. It is a new market, born following the affirmation of cryptocurrencies. This solution allows you to create and manage a website without intermediaries, facilitating access to the Web3. Blockchain domains are totally independent from ICANN, as they do not exploit the traditional name system (DNS), being managed completely autonomously by providers such as Ethereum Name Service. These registrars are the only ones to make users full owners of their own domain.