Pokemon: The debut of the new generation may be near

Pokemon: il debutto della nuova generazione potrebbe essere vicino thumbnail

The world of Pokemon is about to register a large number of new features over the next few months and, surprisingly, there may even be room for one new generation. For fans of the series, the remakes of Diamond and Pearl and the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus are coming. In the meantime, however, there could also be the debut of the ninth generation of Pokemon. This debut could arrive, according to a leak of these hours, as early as 2022.

Will the new generation of Pokemon arrive next year?

The ninth generation of Pokemon could debut in late 2022, in parallel with the launch of a new unreleased chapter of the regular video game series (for Nintendo Switch). The leak opens up several possibilities even if, at the moment, official confirmations have not yet arrived on the matter. According to the rumors of these hours, for next year there are no DLCs of titles already released (or coming out in the coming months). The big news will be the ninth generation and the title that will bring it to its debut.

Even 4K on Switch Pro?

A new Pokemon game would be the right title to cast the can Switch Pro, console for some time at the center of rumors and indiscretions on the future of Nintendo hardware. The launch could take place in 2022, in parallel with the debut of the new generation of Pokemon. More details on the matter could arrive in the coming weeks.