The new MacBook Pro and other news of the Apple Unleashed event

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Here are all the news revealed by Apple during its new event autumn: new MacBook Pro, the new ones AirPods 3 and much more. Below we report all the news announced during the Unleashed event on October 18, 2021.

The news of the Apple event: between MacBook Pro and improved audio sector

The Cupertino club immediately makes its intentions clear: maximize the Apple Music experience and offer the public something more. The company revealed that now all users will be able to ask Siri to create entire playlists, with a simple voice command.

Apple also announces Apple Music Voice Plan, a new Apple Music subscription plan built on the power of Siri. The subscription offers access to the complete catalog of 90 million songs, tens of thousands of playlists, plus award-winning Apple Music Radio. Everything is available via Siri at the cost of € 4.99 per month.

Users can subscribe to Apple Music Voice Plan via Siri by saying, “Hey Siri, start Apple Music Voice free trial” or directly connecting from the Apple Music app. Once subscribed to Apple Music Voice Plan, users can ask to play your favorite music on all your Siri-compatible devices, including HomePod mini, AirPods, iPhone, and any other Apple device.

Those who subscribe to Apple Music Voice Plan will benefit from it a personalized in-app experience with suggestions based on your tastes and recently played music via Siri. In the app there will also be a dedicated section called “Just Ask Siri” with tricks that will optimize Siri per Apple Music.

The new colors of HomePod mini

Apple announces HomePod mini in three new vibrant colors: yellow, orange and blue. With just 8.43 cm high, HomePod mini offre an exceptional listening experience, l’Siri intelligence e home automation functions, keeping privacy and security at the base.

From November, HomePod mini will be available for only € 99 in the new colors and in white and space gray with matching details, such as colored touch surface, mesh fabric, volume icons e braided power cord.

HomePod mini usa l’audio computation to offer a rich and detailed listening experience, combined with extraordinary performance. To get powerful sound from such a compact design, the chip Apple S5 uses an advanced software that analyzes the specific characteristics of music.

Also apply complexes tuning patterns to optimize the sound power, adjust the dynamic range and check the driver movement and passive radiators, all in real time. Thanks to driver full-range, quality neodymium magnet and a pair of passive radiators force‑cancelling, HomePod mini is able to unleash deep bass and crystal clear highs.

In addition to ensuring clear and detailed sound, this design also makes it simple place HomePod mini in any room. Finally, when placed in different rooms, HomePod mini speakers allow you to listen to the same music, perfectly synchronized.

Two HomePod minis in the same room create a stereo pairing, which offers an even more immersive experience when listening to music. HomePod mini is designed to work with Apple Music, Apple Podcast e thousands of radio stations, including award-winning Apple Music 1 and popular music services.

The new generation of AirPods is here

Apple’s musical experience does not end there: the Cupertino company presents the third generation of AirPods, the most popular wireless headphones. The new headphones feature spatial audio e advanced functions, to offer a magical listening experience.

Thanks to the power of the chip H1 coupled with an Apple-designed acoustic system, the new AirPods 3 they use computational audio to deliver incredible sound with adaptive equalization. Each user can enjoy spatial audio with Dolby Atmos su Apple Music, in movies and TV series, and benefit from the dynamic detection of the position of the head, on all Apple devices.

Also they are sweat and water resistant: Both the charging case and the earbuds have IPX4 grade resistance. The new AirPods boast a pressure sensor to manage calls and music playback in an easy way. They have greater autonomy and offer up to six hours of listening e 30 hours of total listening with the convenient charging case.

The new design of the AirPods is light e tapered, with the perfect angle for comfort and for direct sound into the ear canal. To give the design a slimmer look, the bottom of the earbuds have been made shorter than the previous generation and the same intuitive pressure sensor found on the AirPods Pro has been used to manage playback.

Pre-orders are available starting today and new ones AirPods 3 can be purchased in stores from Tuesday 26 October.

The new chips for Mac

Apple also announced M1 Pro e M1 Max, the latest revolutionary chips for Mac. M1 Pro further develops the already innovative architecture of the M1 chip, offering extraordinary performance and thebest energy efficiency in the industry.

M1 Max instead it brings these capabilities to a even higher level. The CPU of M1 Pro and M1 Max guarantees faster performance up to 70% compared to the M1 chip, making tasks like programming with Xcode. The GPU of M1 Pro is twice as fast as the M1 chip and that of M1 Max is even the quadruple.

This allows professional users to smoothly manage even the most demanding graphics workflows.

Apple’s new chips introduce architecture for the first time system-on-a-chip (SoC) on professional systems. These chips deliver fast unified memory, the best performance per watt in the industry and incredible energy efficiency, combined with higher memory bandwidth and capacity.

M1 Pro has up to 200 GB/s in memory e supports up to 32GB of unified memory. M1 Max has a memory bandwidth of up to 400GB/s and supports up to 64GB of fast unified memory. Unlike the latest generation laptops, this huge amount of memory allows for performing graphically demanding tasks previously unimaginable on a laptop.

The new chips offer the same level of performance regardless of the MacBook is connected to the power supply O use battery. M1 Pro and M1 Max also have multimedia engines enhanced with ProRes accelerators specifically dedicated for professional video processing. Without a doubt, they are the most powerful chips Apple has ever made.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro optimized for the new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips

Apple also announces Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro with powerful new features dedicated to those involved in professional audio and video creation. Both have been optimized to take full advantage of the power and performance of the new MacBook Pro’s M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

Final Cut Pro 10.6 is available from today as free update for existing users and is purchasable at €299,99 on the Mac App Store by new users. Logic Pro 10.7 is available today as a free upgrade for existing users and is available for purchase at €199,99 on the Mac App Store by new users.

The new MacBook Pros


To conclude, Apple has unveiled the new MacBook Pro completely reinvented with the innovative M1 Pro e M1 Max, the first professional chips developed for Mac. Available in models from 14″ e 16″, MacBook Pro delivers outstanding performance for computing, graphics, and machine learning.

The new MacBook Pro has one splendido display Liquid Retina XDR, a wide range of doors for an evolved connectivity, one videocamera FaceTime HD da 1080p and the best sound system never integrated into a notebook. Combined with macOS Monterey offers a user experience that is unrivaled.

MacBook Pro is designed for professionals in development, photography, film, 3D art, science and music, and anyone who wants the best notebook in the world. MacBook Pro models from 14 “and 16” can be ordered from today and will be available starting with Tuesday 26 October.

The new MacBook Pro overcomes the traditional limitations of a laptop offering incredible performance and innovative capabilities. Compared to the top-of-the-range 13 ″ model of the previous generation, the new 14 ″ MacBook Pro is immensely more powerful.

With a 10-core CPU in the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, the 14-inch MacBook Pro makes it possible to:

  • Project executions up to 3.7x faster with Xcode.
  • Up to three times more Amp Designer plug-ins in Logic Pro.
  • Up to 2.8x faster computational fluid dynamics performance in NASA TetrUSS.

With a 16-core GPU in the M1 Pro chip and a 32-core GPU in the M1 Max chip, the 14-inch MacBook Pro transforms the most complex graphics workflows with:

  • Up to 9.2x faster 4K render speeds in Final Cut Pro with M1 Pro and up to 13.4x faster with M1 Max.
  • Combined vector and raster GPU performance up to 5.6x faster in Affinity Photo with M1 Pro and up to 8.5x faster with M1 Max.
  • Effects render up to 3.6x faster in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio with M1 Pro and up to 5x faster with M1 Max.

Both the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips are powered by a 16-core Neural Engine that allows you to speed up machine learning tasks, for example:

  • Up to 8.7x faster object tracking speed in Final Cut Pro with M1 Pro and up to 11.5x faster with M1 Max.
  • Detection of changes in scenes in 1080p ProRes 422 videos up to 7.2x faster in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Up to 2.6x faster performance when selecting subjects in images in Adobe Photoshop.

With a 16-core GPU in the M1 Pro chip and a 32-core GPU in the M1 Max processor, the 16-inch MacBook Pro delivers superior graphics performance with:

  • Combined vector and raster GPU performance up to 2.9x faster in Affinity Photo with M1 Pro and up to 4.5x faster with M1 Max.
  • Render up to 2.5x faster in Maxon Cinema 4D with Redshift with M1 Pro and up to 4x faster with M1 Max.
  • Up to 1.7x 8K rendering speed in Final Cut Pro with M1 Pro and up to 2.9x faster with M1 Max.

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